Internet explorer will not work

  bee23 23:55 15 Dec 2008

Evening,I used my pc yesterday morning and had no problems with internet explorer. Yesterday afternoon, Talktalk my sevice provider had problems which knocked the internet & phone line out. I contacted the Talktalk support desk this evening because I still could not get internet access. Talktalk have told me the problem lies with my pc and there is something wrong with the Explorer software and would not offer any help.

I have tried to run a system restore back to Saturday, but it would seem my system restore does not work either.

Can anyone offer any help as to how I can get Explorer back?

Any advise would be greatly apprciated.


  brundle 23:59 15 Dec 2008

"Will not work"? What does it do? Refuse to start entirely? Display a `page cannot be found` page?

Version of Windows, anti-virus software or internet security suite, wired or wireless connection?

  bee23 00:03 16 Dec 2008

Sorry, the page says "Internet Explorer can not display the webpage"

Can you offer any help Brundle?


  brundle 00:08 16 Dec 2008

How do you access the internet? The modem supplied by TalkTalk (this one click here) ? Connected to your PC with a cable? What are the lights on the box doing?

Version of Windows, anti-virus software or internet security suite, wired or wireless connection?

  bee23 00:19 16 Dec 2008

Hi Brundle, I called the Talktalk support desk, all lights on the modem are on, all cables are connected. I was also guided through several checks and apparently everything was ok.

The assistant suggested I tried Mozilla Firefox. As I can access the internet via Firefox I was told there was a problem with the Explorer software on my pc.

I tried a system restore back to Saturday ie the last time I used my pc & internet via Explorer, but the restore did not work. I tried a couple of other dates and they didn't work either.


  brundle 00:20 16 Dec 2008

Ok, Firefox works and IE doesn't right?

  bee23 00:25 16 Dec 2008

Yes, that's correct

  brundle 00:28 16 Dec 2008

Ensure "Work Offline" is not ticked; click here

  bee23 00:35 16 Dec 2008

No, Work Offline is not ticked. This was one of the checks Talktalk asked me to do, together with deleting histry and cookies - but nothing happened when I tried to delete these. I also clicked on Internet Options & checked the Connections & Advanced tabs, these were both ok.


  brundle 00:44 16 Dec 2008

OK, did they ask you set up a brand-new connection from Network Connections? I am assuming XP.
click here

I'm using Vista right now, otherwise I'd be able to describe the steps you need to take. Do you have a third-party firewall or internet security suite? Have you ensured IE is your default browser?

  basbrin 01:02 16 Dec 2008

hello all. me 2 ive a problem with IE , i can open the ie window for awhile and then i get an error out of the window ,i mean nut connection's error but oppening error. for the restore point ,ive missed suddenly all old points(dtaes) so i think its a problem with some programs of microsoft not only IE . try to get updates from firefox may that helps.

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