Internet Explorer v9

  Ghylly46 09:58 05 Sep 2011

In April, IE9 was successfully downloaded and I have had few problems except for printing pdf documents. When I try to print off my energy bill from a well known energy supplier or try to print off a boarding pass for a popular budget airline, nothing happens - no print, no saved file. I have successfully printed off my (pdf)bank statement and telephone bill with no problems. It was becoming very frustrating especially when the energy company stated that it was nothing to do with them! I decided, therefore, to uninstall IE9 and revert back to IE8 and bingo, I have now successfully printed off my energy bill and boarding cards with no problems at all. So, is it a case of changing a setting within IE9 so that I can always print off pdf documents or is it because these 2 company's software hasn't yet been upgraded to work with IE9? Any help/advise would be most welcome.

  mooly 12:30 05 Sep 2011

Have you tried running the sites in question in IE9's compatability mode ?

If the option is missing from the browser header for that site then add that site manually via IE9 menu bar and "tools" option. It's not in the normal "tools" option at the right of screen.

  Woolwell 12:35 05 Sep 2011

There was another thread about this recently. Regrettably you are not alone in having problems with pdf files and IE9 in relation to some webaites. In my case I cannot download and print my credit card statements. Others have also found the same with bank statements, etc. You have a slightly different problem as it is a energy bill and boarding pass but I reckon that the same underlying snag applies. I find it all works ok with other browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Safari) so it must be a problem with IE9 and those sites. I think you are stuck until the companies get their sites to work with IE9. Compatibility view doesn't make any difference.

  Woolwell 12:40 05 Sep 2011

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