Internet Explorer stop working !

  haricot 13:19 12 Jun 2008

Hi Guys

Having just gotten rid of AVG 8 due to the mayhem it caused I now find it had affected other things.

When I click to get my Control Panel, a message comes up to say "Internet Explorer has stopped working"

Can anyone tell me why and what to do to solve the problem.
I also used the System Restore to get me
out of the AVG 8 nightmare. Whether that has got anything to do with it I know not. I am still not very good with this computer lark.


Would appreciate help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:26 12 Jun 2008

Repair Internet Explorer explanation
click here

  sinbads 14:03 12 Jun 2008

More info required

What OS / Which IE?

When I click to get my Control Panel, a message comes up to say "Internet Explorer has stopped working"

Are you sure it says above? and not windows explorer has stopped workin?

As these are two different issues

  haricot 14:05 12 Jun 2008

Thanks for coming back Fruit Bat but I think you've missed the point.

I can't get Control Panel, that is the problem .
Your solution tells me to do that in the first line.

I repeat that my problem is:-

When I try to click on to my Control Panel, a message comes up to say "Internet Explorer has stopped working" I don't get the Control Panel for some reason

I say again then, I cannot get access to my Control Panel.

But thanks for being interested.

  haricot 14:11 12 Jun 2008


Thanks for coming back and you are a clever lad .

I now feel a right dipstick cos you are right , It does say "Windows Explorer has stopped working".

I profoundly apologise and sincere thanks again.

However am still baffled and would loke to know how to cure the problem.

I have Windows Vista & I E 7

Thanks again

  sinbads 14:35 12 Jun 2008

Is this a recent problem? if so could be a result of recent downloads or even ms updates.

Have a look in the event viewer to see if tha gives you any idea ( type in search event)and select event viewer.

  sinbads 14:50 12 Jun 2008

If you opted to send a report to MS when this happened .... you may find the answer in .....Problems Reports and solutions (again type into the start search box.

  haricot 15:00 12 Jun 2008

Yes a very recent problem and seems to stem from this blinkin' AVG 8 Download that I have now uninstalled. It has however left me with a few other problems , this being one of them.I looked in the Event Viewer but there there no events itemised by name
I did not send any reports to MS , thinking that it would'nt have helped if I did and
remember that I said that I was useless at things computer and find it difficult to cope with tricky solutions
Don't worry about it and thanks again. I;ll perservere and try and get some help from somewhere.
I appreciate your time and trouble.

  sinbads 15:08 12 Jun 2008

If its recent Have you tried a system restore to a point before you downloaded avg8

choose to select a date click here

  haricot 15:30 12 Jun 2008

yep I did 2 or 3 system restores but still cant get control Panel.

  sinbads 15:39 12 Jun 2008

Right click on the taskbar and select Task manager
in the box bottom right click new task in the next box type control and then ok.

Does the control pannel come up?

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