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  Crimsom 15:21 31 Jul 2006

Have unexpectedly lost program association with all Internet Explorer shortcuts. The Internet Explorer shortcut icon has changed appearance to default and attempted activation gives error "Windows cannot open this file:". Please impart how to reinstate association with Internet Explorer.

  rawprawn 15:33 31 Jul 2006

Drag a new one onto your desktop, and delete the old one that doesn't work.

  Crimsom 15:43 31 Jul 2006

Thanks for the suggestion. If only life was that simple. Have already attempted refreash of Internet Explorer shortcut. However, the icon in IE address field is the system default and dragging this onto the desktop does not refresh program association. Problem persists. Any other suggestions ?

  rawprawn 15:57 31 Jul 2006

Try Start/All Programs/Accessories/Internet Explorer. Drag or send that icon to your Desktop.

  rawprawn 15:57 31 Jul 2006

How are you opening IE now?

  rawprawn 16:00 31 Jul 2006

From the Start menu, select Run.
In the Open field, type sfc /scannow (Note: There is a space between sfc and /scannow)
Select the OK button.
Follow the prompts throughout the System File Checker process.
Reboot the computer when System File Checker completes.

  Crimsom 17:29 31 Jul 2006

Thanks for your three earlier responses. Taking them in chronological order . . .
Response 1) Internet Explorer icon is on the desktop. No action taken.
Response 2) Internet Explorer is launched by double clicking icon on desktop. No action taken.
Response 3) running sfc /scannow. Action undertaken from PC administrator account. This PC is supplied with OEM version of the Operating System and there is no WinXP Pro CD-ROM. Consequently could not insert this CD when requested. Having finished, the Windows File Protection window disappeared and the PC was restarted. Last entry in Event Viewer, Systems, Windows File Protection declares that file scan completed successfully.

Problem persists, namely there is no program association with all Internet Explorer shortcuts in existing user accounts. Creation of a new user account gives program association with all Internet Explorer shortcuts, but existing user account seems to have lost this association.

Any other suggestions ?

  rawprawn 17:46 31 Jul 2006

It sounds as if you have an OEM version, do you have a recovery CD. If so try that.

  rawprawn 17:49 31 Jul 2006

click here scroll down to method two.
see if this helps

  skidzy 17:50 31 Jul 2006

This may help click here

  Crimsom 18:41 31 Jul 2006

Skidzy, thanks for the suggestion, but this PC does not have "Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Tools" program entry within Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Although Internet Explorer is installed, its not included in the list of programs, consequently unable to instigate IE6 repair process.

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