Internet Explorer Script Error

  rural blues 11:39 02 May 2003

I've noted with great interest all discussions on this subject. This is a nightmare, they are non-stop. Whether I press yes, no or the cross I can't get rid of them. Eventually AOL says it's not responding after I can gain no response to any of my actions. From this point on I have extreme difficulty in turning my machine off, which seems the the only way out of it all. Would someone please confirm the very best thing to do about this.
My O.S. is XP Home.
Thanks in anticipation.

  MAJ 12:24 02 May 2003

I don't use AOL, rural blues, but try using IE instead of the AOL browser.

  MAJ 12:27 02 May 2003

That was a silly response I made, ignore it, I've just noticed you are using IE.

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced and tick the "Disable Script Debugging" box and untick the "Display a notification about every script error" box.

  rural blues 15:52 02 May 2003

Thanks Maj, your solution does seem the most popular, but why do these things freeze my screen? If one popped up now how would I get rid of the b****r?

  prozac1947 18:31 02 May 2003

I hope that someone solves this problem for you - I have had the same thing happen today. Also, when I tried to re-install I have had messages "unable to install Kernel 32 dll and Msvbvm60 dll " !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I will see what response you get - if you don't mind

  rural blues 19:20 02 May 2003

Maj - to tick and untick according to your second message would leave the respective settings unaltered! I think I read from earlier responses to this same problem that both boxes should be unchecked? That's what I've done - is that wrong?

Prozac1947 - welcome. The more the merrier?

  rural blues 19:49 02 May 2003

Maj - I've just restored the tick to "disable script debugging". I'm back to square one I think (having reread most of the older responses).

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