Internet explorer script error

  bretsky 14:03 21 Jun 2004

Hi folks, tried to run a Nav2002 man scan on my system and I get this error message which is stopping me from doing the scan.

The message reads as follows:

An error has occurred in the script on this page.

Line 918

char 8

Error Unspecified error

Code 0

URL res://C:\PROGRA~1\Norton% 20AntiVirus\NAVUI.dll/navstats.htm

Do you want to continue running scrips on this page? Yes/No

How can I rectify this problem?

win xp home ed sp1 Navv2002 oem ZA firewall

bretsky ;(0

  PA28 14:07 21 Jun 2004

There'll be others that suggest a better answer, but for now try Tools>Internet Options>Advanced> then make sure that under "Browsing" the box "Disable Script debugging" is ticked.

  bretsky 14:15 21 Jun 2004

Thnax PA28, this has been done -still I get the error message.

bretsky ;(0

  johnnyrocker 14:32 21 Jun 2004

might there be a pop up stopper involved?


  bretsky 14:40 21 Jun 2004

johnnyrocker:Diabled my popup stopper, still the same


bretsky ;(0

  GaT7 16:19 21 Jun 2004

bretsky try this - click here=. Good luck, G

  bretsky 14:54 22 Jun 2004

Thanx Crossbow7, what a great link! UNFORTUNATELY.......... I have spent hours trying to sort this one out, and I have to admit defeat.

After reading and carrying many suggestions from your link Crossbow7 and doing lots of searches in all the directories and the registry and even doing a house call check with pccillin {which showed no infection}Running spybot s& d and Spyware begone, it seems that my IE has something in it that Nav just doesn't like and the and the only way round this is to-yes you guessed it-uninstall and reinstall NAV. All other aspects of IE browsing works and the PC works fine!!!!

As I only have a couple of months till the subs run out, I'm thinking of using PIS[Panda} which is on the April issue 2004 of pca, what do think?

Thanx again for all the replies and suggestions!

bretsky ;0)

  GaT7 18:12 22 Jun 2004

You're welcome bretsky : )

I think you should do well with PIS. I use Norton Internet security 2003 & have had some problems in the past. Most of the time the error was unsolveable & I had to resort to a uninstall/reinstall which would often create more problems : (

There are a few free security/AV programs around which you may also like to try. Some of them are well recommended on this Forum. Some links/reviews - 1. AV scanners: click here (you may have to scroll down a bit). 2. Firewalls: Free click here. Also, for some paid for ones (some are FREE & you can try before you buy with most)click here, click here= & click here. Good luck, G

  bretsky 17:24 23 Jun 2004

Thank you again Crossbow7, have added links into favs and have taken on board your suggestions.

Have plenty to go on with now!!!!!!

What jolly nice people with have in the forum!

Thanx again

bretsky ;0)

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