Internet explorer problem on wireless network

  piddletrenthide 15:57 03 Oct 2006

My friend has a desktop and a laptop, both running XP Home SP2. Desktop is LAN connected to 3com wireless ADSL modem router; Laptop connects via Wireless USB LAN. Internet and network access worked fine for several months from both computers, but all of a sudden Laptop has lost access to internet through Internet Explorer.

Laptop will access internet to update Avast automatically, but not through IE. IE gets as far as "Website found. Waiting for reply" and there it hangs.

Can ping either computer and router from the other; can file share either way; Laptop is not seeing Router in 'My Network Places'

Have tried disconnecting firewalls, SFC /scannow, Windows Repair from installation CD, USB WLAN uninstall/re-install, network repairs, all without effect.Virus scans come up clean. Would welcome input from better brains than mine. I may not be able to respond for a day or so but I assuredly will. Thanks in anticipation

  ade.h 17:39 03 Oct 2006

"Laptop is not seeing Router in 'My Network Places'" - It's not supposed to. There's no way for a client to "see" its host in that sense.

What about the host firewall? Has anyone fiddled with it and blocked IE's ports?

  piddletrenthide 18:45 03 Oct 2006

I defer to your wisdom; it's just that on my own setup the wirelessly linked computer does have the router(Netgear in this case) on the list of Network Places.

Have tried disabling the Router's firewall; this didn't seem to help. Also the Router connects IE on the wired access computer(desktop) without any problems. Will try more firewall experiments tomorrow when I can get access to my friend's computer again. Have a gut feeling that the problem lies within the Laptop.

Many thanks for your help.

  ade.h 18:54 03 Oct 2006

What you refer to is a bug, that is generating an entry that represents the default gateway; it happens very occasionally, but it should not be there.

Your disabling of the host firewall proves that to be innocent, although I should point out just for info that host firewall port rules are usually per-client, so the firewall could easily have been to blame here.

Yes, it would appear that the problem is client-side, specifically surrounding IE. Yet you have run a system file check and even tried to repair the Windows installation. Have you reinstalled IE? This is possible with a bit of techie stuff. I think it's mentioned on Doug Knox's website, so I'll find a link if I can. Meanwhile, check your Local Security Policy by enabling and using the Admininstrator account (the proper one) if you don't already use it.

  piddletrenthide 21:55 03 Oct 2006


Thanks. Sorry for late response; I had to go out to a meeting.

Will re-check security settings tomorrow when I can get access to my friend's network and post the results. Also will attempt to reinstall IE on its own, rather than whole Windows package.

  ade.h 22:16 03 Oct 2006

click here That's from The Elder Geek.

  piddletrenthide 19:20 04 Oct 2006

ade.h Thanks for the link; gave it my best, but unsuccessful. There isn't a separate post SP2 IE6 download, and the SP1 IE6 download won't run because it has detected a newer installation. Elder Geek has a suggested switch for getting round this, but I couldn't get it to run. Further, the Microsoft IE6 download is in fact a small Downloader/Installer for the main bulk download - which needs a working IE to download it.....

Have been through firewall/security settings with a fine toothcomb on both router and laptop and can find nothing untoward. As far as I can see, all network settings are identical to those on my own working network. I have restored all IE advanced options to defaults. No change to symptoms but a grumble from the Yahoo search task bar when I did this. Also switched everything off and restarted router.

Ran out of time today, but my next option is to connect laptop to router by LAN cable, and finally to see if it will work on Dial Up.

Grateful for any further ideas!

  ade.h 20:12 04 Oct 2006

The other possibility is to install the IE7 Beta, which is pretty stable, by all accounts. That might overwrite the cause of the problem, assuming that we're barking up the right tree here.

I'm not averse to the occasional "oh well, let's just wipe it and start again" approach - might be time for that possibly!

  piddletrenthide 18:00 06 Oct 2006

Tried the IE7 Beta - no change.
Also tried WinsockXPfix - again no improvement. So am reluctantly giving up and handing over to the local professionals. Suspect it will need a format and full reinstallation.

ade.h thank you very much for all the help you have given me and so many others.

  ade.h 18:01 06 Oct 2006

That's okay; thanks for the response. Sorry I couldn't solve it. I think you're probably right about a reinstall.

  piddletrenthide 21:49 09 Oct 2006


It did need a re-format and now works like a dream. Surprisingly easy, as there was a restore option in a hidden partition on the hard drive, accessed via the Programs list.

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