Internet Explorer problem

  redbarron 12:00 24 Mar 2009

Web pages in Internet Explorer 6 regularly lock up with a message saying 'Not Responding'. Sometimes after a minute or two it will clear itself.

Any ideas how to fix it anyone please.

I tried upgrading to IE7 but that didn't work either. Plus I found it made web browsing slower not faster.

I have also tried using Regcure. Again no joy.

  DieSse 14:02 24 Mar 2009

I've seen that on many systems - with IE6, 7 and now 8 also.

I've never found a specific reason or cure for it.

Possibly it's all to do with the home page setting. I have my home page as an html file on my system which comes up almost immediately as it doesn't involve an internet connection. Then clicking on a link (that's what I use on the home page - just my main links) never fails to work quickly.

I suspect - but don't know - that it may be a very slow response by MS sites that many users have set as their home page. Try setting Google as your home page and see if matters improve.

  redbarron 15:28 24 Mar 2009

Thanks for the reply.

I currently use Yahoo as my home page.

My HTML Editor in internet options/programs is set to Microsoft Front Page.

How do I set my home page as an html file?

  iscanut 15:41 24 Mar 2009

Got to Tools, Options and then just type in the www.... address in the space for home page

  iscanut 15:43 24 Mar 2009

Sorry, just noticed you said HTML file...ignore what I said..

  DieSse 16:19 24 Mar 2009

"I currently use Yahoo as my home page."

I know from clients that Yahoo can be very slow too - try setting your home page to google and see if it makes a difference.

  redbarron 16:52 24 Mar 2009

Don't particularly like Google as a home page. It's a bit drab looking.

I have changed from Yahoo to 'Orange' though which seem quicker. I guess time will tell if it resolves the hang up problem.

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