Internet Explorer Problem

  micemews 14:19 16 May 2007

I am running Windows xp sp2 and Internet Explorer 6. This problem has recently occurred. If I log on to Autotrader and search for say a Ford Mondeo if the search is limited to 40 miles of my address then everything seems to be ok, however if I increase the search beyond 40 miles (obviously greatly increasing the number of vehicles to be found)then the system freezes and Task Manager shows CPU usage increase from below 10% to 100% and remain at 100% until I shut the computer down. This in itself takes several minutes to take effect because several 'end program' messages appear before it closes. I have run my Norton Anti VIrus, Spybot, CCleaner and AdAware but nothing shows up.

Has anyone any ideas as to how I can resolve this problem please.

I don't know if downloading IE 7 might solve this but I have been reluctant to do this because I have noted that it has caused problems for some users.

  anniesboy 14:34 16 May 2007

I'm running Firefox,but having looked at Auto Trader site.I suspect 200 is the maximum number they display.Try looking for Aston Martin (I wish),you will find the site goes beyond 40 miles.
I think the good news is your system is OK

  baldtaco 15:09 16 May 2007

I too am running Firefox. I can see no significant difference in the amount of CPU cycles whether I search for a Ford Mondeo 1, 10, 40, 200 miles, or even nationally from a given post code. And then, in all instances, the peak is very transient.

At the moment I'm suspect it is something to do with the java script handling in your IE6. You might like to look at that, or indeed, find this as just the reason you need to migrate to the far superior Firefox.

Another idea is that you are running a very old machine. In which case something like Process Lasoo could pay dividends. It's great for temporarily dropping down the amount of CPU cycles a run away app can hog. Thus it allows other running apps the room the need to complete what they are doing and avoid a system lock up.

  Technotiger 15:09 16 May 2007

Hi, IE7 might make a difference, worth a try. If you find you don't like it or it gives problems, by simply uninstalling it in Control Panel Add/Remove you will automatically be reverted to IE6.

  micemews 15:14 17 May 2007

Thanks everyone for your help. I have installed Internet Explorer 7 and this seems to work ok. No problems at all on Auto Trader now.

  Technotiger 15:18 17 May 2007

Grreat, thanks for the feedback.

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