Internet Explorer print setup

  SRM662 17:43 23 Mar 2005

I would like to be able to control the print set up for IE (such as page orientation and margins). The idea is to amend the 'standard' IE settings so that when printing a specific report the settings change for that report and are different for other reports.

I'm not an expert but have found that (perhaps) the margins can be controlled but not sure about orientation.

Anyone know if this can be done?


  lotvic 20:08 23 Mar 2005

"print set up for IE "
orientation is 'Portrait'or 'Landscape"
in same window as the margins

? what do you mean by 'specific report' ?

I usually do 'print preview' to see what page will look like and then alter it if I want it different.

  SRM662 08:15 24 Mar 2005

When I say a 'specific' report what I mean is that I would like to set up a number of reports which would require different orientation. And I would like to be able to 'program' IE (or whatever) to identify the set up required dependant on which report is required to be printed.
Sorry if I didn't make that clear. I hope I have a little now.

  lotvic 09:32 24 Mar 2005

I'm not understanding your meaning....
IE is Internet Explorer for viewing Web Pages that you can then print out if you wish.
What are the 'reports'? Have they been created using another program?

  SRM662 10:14 24 Mar 2005

I've created reports using php (asp) which are viewed by others using IE.

  lotvic 23:36 24 Mar 2005

Ah, in that case, I'm not a lot of use to you....

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