Internet Explorer playing up

  spy007 10:25 16 Aug 2011

A strange thing happened tonight. I was using my Acer laptop (Vista), and at some point I noticed that I couldn’t access certain web pages – these are business & work pages that I use often, & most are in my Favourites – as well as my home page of Google. When I clicked on a site, it would pop up for a millisecond, as though it was trying to load, but didn’t quite make it. My father advised looking at ‘About I.E’ when I could, & I did notice that it’s version 7. I was certain it was at least version 8. He also suggested that I try a Restore, but this brings me on to another problem, that I have had for quite a while. My machine won’t install a ‘restore point’. It doesn’t do it automatically,,,, it doesn’t do it manually. I’ve never been able to run a restore.

In the meantime, I was able to access sites using the Quick Start folder. After this, things went back to normal. This may or may not be coincidental.

Q1/ Any idea what happened with IE ? Did I do something wrong ? Was there a glitch with IE ?

Q2/ How do I put Restore points on the machine ?

Many thanks

  birdface 11:18 16 Aug 2011

Click on the Fix it button.

Make sure system restore is turned on.

Right click my restore should be ticked or unticked cant remember what but it should tell you.

  spy007 22:26 23 Aug 2011

Thanks BM.

I'm running VISTA.

Tried following your advice "R click etc,,, " but couldn't get to System Restore that way.

The Support link is for IE-8. I didn't realise at the time, but I was only running v7.

I did manage to log on-line long enough to download v9I.E, which I assumed would automatically put a restore point - but it didn't.

I still don't have any restore points and I don't recall ever seeing them since buying the machine some years ago.

I'm still having problems,,,, most of the time I can't get on-line. Another computer in the house is totally fine on the same router, so I'm ruling that out.

At the moment, I don't like IE9 - maybe just needs getting used to after using 7 all this time.

Am thinking of trying Foxfire, but I don't think that will help my actual problem.

Any more ideas please ?


  birdface 09:24 24 Aug 2011

It applies to all versions of Internet Explorer.So all you have to do is run the Fix it.

System restore.

All programs.Accessories.System tools.System restore.You cam make a new restore point.

In the meantime download and run Firefox.Always handy to have a back up browser in case something goes wrong.

Try Tools.Internet Options.programs and make sure I/E is the default web browser.

Not connecting to the Internet maybe a different problem but I am sure someone can help you with that.

Sometimes if you have malware on your computer it can stop system restore from working.So maybe give MalwareBytes a run to see if it finds any problems.

Just press the Download Now button and it gives you a fortnights trial of the pro version then reverts to the free version.

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