Internet Explorer ..Page SKIPS BACK

  Ricketty 11:48 29 Jan 2007

I have a new Sony Vaio and on Internet explorer it keeps skipping back to the previous page when viewing sites. I upgraded to IE7 but still the same. Sony says it has nothing to do with them and says dump IE and go to Firefox. Is there any cure??? Has anyone heard of this before??

  ArrGee 13:11 29 Jan 2007

Bit of an odd one. Have you tried FireFox?
Also, it might be an idea to run this and see what problems it locates: click here

  sunny staines 15:48 29 Jan 2007

had the same problem with the wife's sony laptop. went back to the sony shop apparently a common problem, they changed a setting in nis2006 trial issue which fixed it.

since then installed nis 2007 expected the problem to return but never did.

  Ricketty 19:15 29 Jan 2007

Thanks will give that all a try but will have to work out when I can let Sony have the laptop back depending how long they need it and I can do without it. Thanks again

  sunny staines 19:46 29 Jan 2007


did it while i waited took two minutes, it was so quick i did not see what he did. but go to settings where norton finds spywhere and change it so that it makes no changes but notifies you first. i no longer have ver 2006 so do not know the exact wording. its where nis detects spyware,cookies, or ads it does not like so reverts back to prev page, thats what the salesman told me and his very quick fix seemed to work. he said that had to do it on the display ones and that of some customers. I would think any sony centre found in most shopping centres would fix it for you.

  Ricketty 10:34 30 Jan 2007

Thankyou very much will get right onto it...The computer expert at my Sony shop didnt know that.Thanks again.

  sunny staines 16:11 31 Jan 2007

any probs tell them to ring the staines sony centre, two rivers, staines.

  Ricketty 11:00 02 Feb 2007

Once again many thanks Sunny staines I think I will do that as I dont really know what I am doing!!!! Very kind of you to give your time and advice...what is interesting is that there is always someone who has the answer out there but finding him or her is the problem...heres to the internet.

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