Internet Explorer Not Working with AOL Broadband.

  ableddyn 20:34 04 Mar 2005

I connect via BT Voyager 105 USB modem on a Mesh 2500+ PC with an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe motherboard & 512MB RAM which comes with both 3Com 3C920B Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller and a NVIDIA nForce MCP Networking Adapter. This is run with XP Home & Service Pack 2. When the modem is connected the "Local Area Connection 3" appears. The icon for this has an exclamation
mark on it.

I believe this problem is related to what happens at startup, as soon after I get notification in the System Tray from the icon "Local Area Connection 3 - Requesting IP address". Windows fails to do this and the icon then informs me that
"The connection has limited or no connectivity. You might not be able to access the internet or some network resources.
For more information click this message".

After clicking the message a dialogue box comes up "Local Area Connection 3 Status" - There is an option to Repair. When I do this the message "Windows is trying to renew your IP address" comes up. Windows fails to do this.

All the time after startup an ADSL signal is being received but AOL is not launched.

The AOL browser, however, works fine even though it's based on IE.
Firefox & Mozilla also work fine but I cannot update my anti-virus or firewall.
Yet if I log in to my PC as a different user then IE DOES work! And updates are then possible.
When AOL is started the Local Area Connection 3" icon remains with the exclamtion mark.

This one has me baffled!. Please help.

  Jak_1 20:45 04 Mar 2005

AOL is aggressive software and tends to take over, AOL do not peeps using any other than their software online.

  TomJerry 20:46 04 Mar 2005

I think that it is better to disable on-board ethernet (network) connection port because this may (just may) conflict with usb connection which your modem use

you need to get into bios to disable onboard lan, press "del" to get into bios when PC start

  webbeez 21:13 04 Mar 2005

This is a known conflict between AOL and windows XP. Go to the AOL homepage into the help section, find the link saying something like " important information for XP users" it will ask you to download a very small patch that will fix the connectivity error message. ( Had to do the same myself )
hope this helps.

  George Smiley 14:36 08 Mar 2005

I have just signed up to AOL with a similar set up. The patch will get rid of the problem of the connection exclamation message. However, I still need to have AOL launched before I use the Net to update my firewalls, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. If I don't they sometimes don't work when trying to connect to update.

I've still to get IE to work using AOL and will need to get around this as I need to connect to an http page to install my new Linksys wireless modem/router. I can't seem to do this by launching thr AOL browser (it won't take me to the router's address of

Have to say that I wasn't impressed with either AOL's Livehelp (online chat) or their Member Services line when their own connection checker and repairer wouldn't even work. Had to repair the AOL files myself...

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