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  SURVEY 18:16 21 Jul 2008

For a few weeks no I have been having intermittent problems loading Internet Explorer 6. I have an IE icon on the left hand program tray that usually only needs one click to open IE. Recently it doesn’t work 50% of the time. However checking Windows Task manager Processes I find that it is running despite not bringing up the screen page. This also slows down any switch off as I get ‘IE is closing End Program…’ Double clicking the IE icon often does load the page but often loads 2 pages! Same result clicking on the IE icon on my Desktop.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled IE. I have also looked at changing the speed sensitivity of my mouse without any difference. Other programs open perfectly with a single or double click on their icon so the mouse does not appear to be the problem.

Any ideas guys?

  martjc 19:13 21 Jul 2008

...IE 7, or better still here

  MsTechie 19:21 21 Jul 2008

It possible that some sort of spyware might have hijacked your browser (Internet Explorer)

Have you scanned your computer for viruses/spyware?

There a few ways to remedy this but the simplest one is to use another more secure browser, try Mozilla Firefox not many people go back to IE once they've tried Firefox

Here is version 3 click here but if your computer isn't very fast then Version 2 might be better (not as memory hungry)

  MsTechie 19:22 21 Jul 2008

oops forgot to paste, here is version 2 click here

  SURVEY 19:32 21 Jul 2008

I regularly scan with AVG, Spybot and Adaware. Nothing untoward has been reported. My computer is fast but at present I would prefer to stay with IE6. I may go to IE7 but have held off doing so as there had been reports of difficulties with it when it was first issued - are they now all resolved?

I would however like to get to the bottom of what is causing my problem!

  SURVEY 19:34 21 Jul 2008

One thing I should have made clear. I do not thik my IE has been hijacked. The only occurences of IE showing up in the Task Manager Processes is when I have clicked on the IE icon and it has not opened.

  mrwoowoo 19:38 21 Jul 2008

Whilst in task manager,did you look to see if you have more than one I.E running? This sometimes happens and causes everything to slow down.If there is end the processes.
I assume you've deleted all temp files and cookies.

  MsTechie 19:43 21 Jul 2008

Have you run a clean up i.e deleting temp internet files, cookies etc? Check how much space there is allocated to temp files etc

IE7 is fine but if your browser has been hijacked then I suspect you might have the same problems, try this click here but use with caution and choose the option that allows you to make a backup.

  SURVEY 19:48 21 Jul 2008

mrwoowoo - sometimes there are more than one IE running; however each of these would be down to me clickig with no response. Yes I have deleted all temp files and cookies.

MsTechie - yes, I have run a clean up.

  mrwoowoo 20:10 21 Jul 2008

Then perhaps an upgrade to I.E7 may be an option if noone can find a solution.I have no problems with I.E7.
Perhaps a registry cleaner may improve things.

  SURVEY 21:01 21 Jul 2008

mrwoowoo - Registry cleaned also with RegScrubXP.

I have found that pressing hard on the mouse often works but then why is this not necessary with clicking on any other icon?

This one has me foxed!

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