Internet Explorer keeps telling me it's not responding.

  bob236 17:25 26 Jun 2014

Several times a day I get a pop up saying "Internet Explorer is not responding. Windows will look for a solution to the problem". I never get a message telling me why this keeps happening. It doesn't affect my browsing or input or general use of the computer. I suspect it may be that I am using Windows Vista which may need replacing? Any suggestions?

Thanks, Bob.

  Tiyom 20:23 26 Jun 2014

Please ! Stop using this crappy software! Use any other one, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera,… but not Internet Explorer! Since more than 10 years, I create websites as a professional, Internet Explorer is the baddest browser for the developers : International organisations like W3C create and validate recommended rules and specs for web site displaying, most of the browsers respect those recommendations but not IE. IE can respect those recommendations but always few years after the others: we have plenty of great tools to make great sites for you, but as many people still use IE we cannot use them in new sites until IE support them, thanks IE for helping innovation!. 10 years that I have to create special templates and stylesheets for Internet Explorer, because of this all websites developers of the world are loosing time with it and for the professionals : money. So please, stop using it, thank you. A website developer… (an hairless one, thanks IE).

  Ian in Northampton 20:30 26 Jun 2014

Tiyom: you make a fair point - but as I'm sure you're only too well aware, IE is the 'industry standard' and used by lots of people who wouldn't know Chrome or Firefox from Excel or Adobe Reader. IE's saving grace is that it is pretty much guaranteed to work on any and every web site - something you can't say for its competitors. And yes, that's right - that's because those sites were designed to work with IE.

  rdave13 21:55 26 Jun 2014

Tiyom , IE is not only a browser but also part of the OS. If you are a professional website 'creator' and can't handle IE then that speaks for itself.

Jock1e , resetting IE will not lose your favourites. All your add-ons, except the integrated ones (such as flash) will be disabled. That is all.

The personally added add-ons will have to be re-enabled.

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