internet explorer keeps crashing

  stephen0205 21:16 28 Jul 2007

Hi there, i have windows xpon my desktop and vista on my laptop and both of them cant seem to work well with internet explorer, u could be on ebay and it crashes andu get the error report box, it just happens in the middle of everything, i done the security updates for it and even reinstalled them, still the same problem, can anyone helpme.

  mbp 21:53 28 Jul 2007

Something conflicting somewhere. Have you tried to run your anti-virus program, then you anti-spyware program, then use disk clean and then run a program like, 'Registry First Aid' (use safe option only), and defragment your HDD, and restart.

Also make sure you do not have 2 anti-virus programs active, or using too much memory and hitting buttons to get things moving.

Lots of reasons, but eliminate spyware and viruses first, and then check for highjack. Do not visit suspicious sites as you pick up lots of nasties there. Good luck.

  laurie53 07:48 29 Jul 2007

If it's IE7 I would regard this as quite normal!

I find it unusable, on three different computers.

  Andsome 08:15 29 Jul 2007


Sorry to disagree but this is NOT normalin I.E.7. You may have problems but most people certainly don't.

Have you tried a repair of Windows?

  tullie 08:41 29 Jul 2007

No probs with IE7 either.

  jam500 12:13 29 Jul 2007

Mmmm, IE7 Crashes on me nearly all the time too.

  Pamy 12:22 29 Jul 2007

Is it possible to do a repair of IE7?

  martjc 12:34 29 Jul 2007

...Firefox instead of IE7? It won't be a victim of the same conflict as IE7.
Take mbp's advice first, then install Firefox - you'll never look back.

  laurie53 15:34 29 Jul 2007

Like I said, three different computers, three different installs of Windows, one of them a totally clean install by me.

I am one of the many who have moved to Firefox. I do use IE when I have to, some sites won't read in FF, but I have gone back to an earlier version (6.0)

  stephen0205 17:26 29 Jul 2007

well i used disk clean up and virus scans, with symatic antivirus, which is compatable and i even tried to repair it with the windows vista diska dn it still crashed. so there is no way to fix this then.

  Manol 06:13 04 Aug 2007

Hi there, does anyone know how reinstall explorer into Vista. I have a brand new laptop, but immediately after installing Skype into the machine it bacame impossible to open the eplorer browser. I uninstalled Skype, but the problem persisted. I unistalled explorer and tried to reinstall it, but I get a message that tells me that my machine with Vista in it already has explorer. What to do?

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