Internet explorer hijacked

  Bike-it 13:51 15 Apr 2007

I am using windows XP which I think that my Internet Explorer 7 has been ‘HIJACKED’ as whilst I am trying to ‘surf the net’ I am bombarded with web pages that I have not asked for. These are mostly from financial companies offering loans ). It is now almost impossible to read the pages I want as I am inundated with this annoying junk.
I have thoroughly scanned my system with AVG antivirus AVG antispyware Adaware and SPYBOT they have all found things apart from AVG antivirus. As suggusted in another thread that you try scanning in safe mode so i done this but i am still being bombarded with web pages i have not asked for can someone suggest anything else please.

  moorie- 14:23 15 Apr 2007

try using firefox for the interim
click here
its ok to have more than one browser
also try a scan with superantispyware
download the free trial proffessional version,you can revert back to free one after trial
click here

Theres an option in ie 7 to reset it,also to disable addons,i dont use ie7 so maybe someone else could advise if that would cure it

another good free program is spywareblaster you can download from
click here once downloaded immunize against the threats

  moorie- 14:27 15 Apr 2007

also run crap cleaner if you havent already got it,download latest version here(ccleaner)
click here

  p;3 14:41 15 Apr 2007

you could also try

click here

but you may find it best to register here

click here

and when registered get a log from

click here

and post it on a new thread of your own

click here

I think you need a health check::))

  Bike-it 15:56 15 Apr 2007

I have tried ccleaner, just noticed all my emails cannot be read,

  p;3 16:04 15 Apr 2007

try running the a squared program?

but I think you may need to do a log at some stage:))

  provider 2 16:13 15 Apr 2007

In addition to moorie- and p;3`s suggestions, here is some more information for you: click here

  Bike-it 16:26 15 Apr 2007

P;3 what is a squared programme ?

  provider 2 16:27 15 Apr 2007

I think the best way forward is to identify the infection first, if you can.

However, just in case it`s this one, you might want to give this a try: click here

  moorie- 16:51 15 Apr 2007

a-squared is another very good spyware scanner as p;3 pointed out,heres the link
click here

  Bike-it 16:51 15 Apr 2007

Provider i tried your suggestions but whenever it finds anything it is asking me to register the product and it is looking for me to purchase it. are there noe free programmes like this free?

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