Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working Message

  SunflowerMel 16:25 22 Sep 2008

I am having trouble shutting down browsers when I am on Internet Explorer. EVERY time I close one of the browswers a box pops up with:

Internet Explorer has stopped working.....
Windows is checking for a solution to the problem.

Then it restarts a new browser.

I have also got this message:

Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

How can I fix this to where it just closes the browser normally???

  Technotiger 16:32 22 Sep 2008

If this has only recently started it might be due to a microsoft update. Try a System Restore back to before you had this annoyance.

  SunflowerMel 16:40 22 Sep 2008

Thank you for your fast reply!

Unfortunately, I had to replace my hard drive last week in my laptop. Then I had to use the disks to download everything back to factory original. Then it took me the next day to download all of the microsoft updates. It has been doing it since then.

  Technotiger 16:55 22 Sep 2008

Until microsoft sort out a solution, I would advise you to use Firefox3 instead. I use Firefox and IE - but mostly on Firefox!

click here

  SunflowerMel 17:00 22 Sep 2008

Thank you so much for your advice! I really appreciate it! I will definitely look into firefox. Can you tell me if it will take up a lot of memory on my laptop? Since I have my laptop back and cleaned out from the downloads I did in the past, I am trying not to put too much on it this time.

  birdface 17:11 22 Sep 2008

I suppose it could be a Firewall problem.If on IE7 you could try Tools Internet options.Advanced.And restore Advanced settings.Or back into Advanced and press reset,This would reset Internet explorer to its original condition,But as you just downloaded it last week I am not 100% sure it would work.Turn all of your add-ons off and see if that makes any difference.What Firewall do you use.Also have you ran any security scans since you replaced the hard drive.

  Technotiger 17:12 22 Sep 2008

I believe it takes up less than IE.

  birdface 17:21 22 Sep 2008

Googled. click here= It will give you something to look at when you are not busy.

  SunflowerMel 17:26 22 Sep 2008

Yay...I reset Internet Explorer and so far I haven't had any problem. Thank You buteman! Before, I tried to download firefox and explorer kept shutting down on it before i could press run. If I download firefox, should I delete explorer?

Since last week, my computer is constantly checking for updates...and I download every one. Also I use Norton protection center. I think that is the firewall i am using. I am not for sure

  SunflowerMel 17:47 22 Sep 2008

Thank you Technotiger....I downloaded firefox. Everything seems to be working better!

  Technotiger 17:54 22 Sep 2008

Grreat, you don't need to un-install IE, I have both on my PC.

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