Internet explorer frustration !!!

  jameswalpole 16:09 04 Feb 2003

Something is bugging the hell out of me, is there away that I can stop internet explorer form automatically putting itself to the front of my desktop once the page has loaded up ?

I often surf while working or playing and I find it annoying that IE pops up just when I least expect it while using another application.

ANy ideas ????

  medicine hat 17:20 04 Feb 2003

Its especially annoying when the boss is standing next to your desk, eh ;-)

  MartinT-B 17:56 04 Feb 2003


  jameswalpole 01:14 05 Feb 2003

"Its especially annoying when the boss is standing next to your desk, eh ;-)"

Very !!

I've looked in internet options and can't see any thing that looks relevant

  temp003 04:04 05 Feb 2003

This may be caused by a key in the registry, which applies to all applications.

Windows stops background applications from coming to the foreground by setting a timeout before the background app is allowed to come to the foreground. If the timeout is set to zero, the background app will steal the focus immediately as soon as it is ready.

If this is your own computer and not your boss's, click Start, Run, type regedit and click OK. Don't change anything here unless you're sure.

On the left, navigate to HKEY Current User\Control Panel\Desktop. Highlight Desktop. On the right, you should see an item ForegroundLockTimeout. In the Data column the corresponding value (the number in brackets is the decimal value) is the timeout value in milliseconds. In w2k and XP, this is set to 200,000 (200 seconds). In 98/Me, it is shorter.

If you see the key and the value is big enough, something else is causing this behaviour and ignore the following.

If it is too small, you can increase it. Back up the key by highlighting ForegroundLockTimeout, then on the top left menu, click Registry, select Export registry file. Save it as a .reg file to somewhere you can remember, like Desktop or My Documents. If you ever need to restore it, just right click the reg file and select Merge.

To change the value, right click the key and select Modify or Edit. If the Base is hexadecimal, select Decimal instead. Then in the value data box, enter your value in milliseconds. Give it a huge number, like the default 200,000 in XP. Click OK.

Restart computer for the change to take effect.

Alternatively tweakui might be able to change this for you. I don't have it, so can't be sure.

The other related key is ForegroundFlashCount. This controls the number of times the taskbar for a background app flashes. Default is 3. Smallest number of flashes is 1. If you enter 0, the taskbar will flash indefinitely. If you don't want it to flash at all, you will need to delete the key. Not advisable because you might miss an important warning given by a background app.

Back up any registry key before you edit or delete it.

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