Internet Explorer freezes

  BlessedMan 13:19 12 Oct 2006

Most of the time when I type in a web address that IE session freezes and when I try to shut it down, I get the program not responding, End now/Cancel message. When select, end now, the frozen sessions and some others may be closed down. I have followed instructions from the Microsoft error reporting, including clearing all temporary files, removing Yahoo toolbar but none of these has worked.

Thanks for your help

  BlessedMan 13:21 12 Oct 2006

I forgot to mention I am using IE6 SP2 on XP.


Blessed Man

  nate54216 15:19 12 Oct 2006

upgrade to IE 7, its much better, Ive posted a link below to take you to the download

click here

  Kate B 15:31 12 Oct 2006

Or better still, Firefox.

  BlessedMan 15:32 12 Oct 2006

Thanks, I read somewhere someone tried this to resolve this issue but it did not work. I also updated my grahics card driver as was suggested by someone else but nothing has worked so far.

  BlessedMan 15:34 12 Oct 2006

Yes I do use Firefox as often as I can but my default browser is IE6

  nate54216 16:10 12 Oct 2006

what security do you have, if any, try this and see what it comes up with click here , my friend had a similar problem to yours and discovered he had a virus,

  Mytob 16:16 12 Oct 2006

The trouble with ie is it cant be trualy removed and reinstalled from scratch which would solve alot of problems. You can thank microsucks for the stupid idea of intergrating it into explorer. Out of interst why cant you use firefox as your defult browser? I do so and havent touched ie in 2 years now! Try installing ie 7 and see if that sorts the problem for you. it is still in beta or release candidate form but should be usable. Security is questionable with is though as the purpouse of betas and rc are to iron out the bugs and security flaws. Any case ie sux for security fulstop. Most secure one im aware of is opera but it lacks the features of firefox.

  BlessedMan 16:32 12 Oct 2006

I use Avast for anti virus and Adware.
I am just used to ie and I switch whenever I have problems with ie. I started to use Firefox sometime ago but stopped as too many sites were not working properly, it does not work on my online bank and sometimes the look and feel of some sites are not right. Though I have noticed recently that I am using it more often as I not getting as many problems as before.

  Mytob 10:33 16 Oct 2006

If no one ever uses Firefox then sites wont be changed to work with other browsers and ie wins simple as that. USe it even if the sites dont diplay properly. I use and have very few problems with it. Mosts sites are changing to suport it now and other browsers.

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