internet explorer error

  swanny2 13:32 20 Aug 2007

Windows xp
Could someone help me with this problem which has arisen these last couple of days please?
Everytime I am coming off the computer I get an info' box appear from Internet Explorer saying 'Do you want to close all tabs' and I highight as it's the only way I can log off, then I always get a message from Internet Explorer saying 'Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close, we are sorry for the inconvenience'. I have reported this to Microsoft but heard nothing. When this problem started I looked to see what the problem was and I was advised to download another toolbar from Yahoo as there was seemingly problems with the old one, what I don't know. This morning now there was an email saying that my computer wasn't properly protected and I had to get protection as soon as possible. We only just installed new protection earlier this year so don't know if this is scammers at work or what but computer is certainly not working as it was and is slower and everytime any of the family is on-line the tower is making a noise like an engine turning over? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  mrwoowoo 17:00 20 Aug 2007

with i.e open click on tools and then manage add ons.On the left ,if there are any you do not recognise or need,try disabling them.
sounds as if a browser extension is still running when you try to shut i.e down.

"a noise like an engine turning over?"...could be just a noisey fan and not related at all.see if you can sort your i.e problem then if that gets resolved move on to the noisey pc.

  mrwoowoo 17:07 20 Aug 2007

as far as i know you should not get an e-mail saying you are not protected ( as far as i know).
Who was this from?
What protection do you have on your pc?
Can you try a system restore to just before your probs started,since it was only a few days ago.

  wee eddie 18:27 20 Aug 2007

Please post a list of "all" active and inactive (Still on the PC but not in use) Safety and Security Software that you have and the date of it's last update.

That's Firewall and Anti ~ Virus, Spyware, Ad-ware and Malware.

  swanny2 13:18 21 Aug 2007

Tx all for help me mate did as u sed mrwoowoo,and all seems ok now

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