Internet Explorer--Email pop3 not responding.

  Dicky Doo Dah 20:19 28 Jul 2005

Today I was unable to access my email. Message comes uo Pop3 not responding. Contacted ISP who informed me to delete file Pop3UIDL.Did not resolve problem. Next we closed Norton Firewall and it worked. On checking with Norton Web Site I was advised to go to Microsoft web site where the problem was apparantly known. Advised to download Microsoft Office update 3 as I use Word 2002. This done and then also confirmed Microsoft validation.
I still have the same problem and have had to close Norton Firewall to get my email. Currently running Microsoft Firewall.
Has anyone had this experience, or anyone know a solution.
I run Windows XP SP2.

  Jackcoms 20:23 28 Jul 2005

If you were previously running Norton firewall AND MS firewall at the same time that may have caused your problem.

It's best to only run one firewall.

  Dicky Doo Dah 20:42 28 Jul 2005

Hi Jackcoms,
I do not run both simultaneously. In fact I am only running Windows Firewall at present. This is also seems to be stopping my Pop3 mail. I can also confirm that three programs confirm my system is clean.
Thanks for reply.

  Dicky Doo Dah 10:58 29 Jul 2005

Hi Guys,
The problem seems to be resolved now. The Norton Antivirus in coming mail checker was blocking all my pop3 incoming mail!!!!

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