Internet Explorer Download Time Out

  squashgym 20:12 16 Feb 2009

any help greatly appreciated;
I'm running on Vista with Orange wireless broadband and use a Belkin wireless usb. Everything's been fine for 12 months but recently I seem to be dropping my internet connection.
Often it's not enough to notice in whilst viewing web pages, but whatever i have running in the background downloading ends up timing out.
I've run all my anti - everything programmes and that's about my limit.

  mgmcc 08:00 17 Feb 2009

Have you installed any other "wireless" devices recently, such as cordless phones, that could be interfering with your signal to the router? A neighbour's WiFi might also be causing problems. Try changing the Channel number in the router's wireless settings - the defaults are usually "6" or "11" so try these or, if already using one of these, try the other. Avoid "1" or "2" as these tend to be the frequencies used by other wireless devices.

  squashgym 08:27 17 Feb 2009

Thanks I'll try that.

Using the router supplied by Orange can anyone tell me how I'd change the channel number?

  mgmcc 11:16 17 Feb 2009

Any router's configuration pages can normally be accessed by typing its [the router's] IP address into your web browser.

If you don't know the router's IP address then, using a computer that is successfully connected to it, open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK) and, at the prompt, type...


...and press Enter. This will display details of all network adapters in the PC. Look for the "Default Gateway" address in the settings of the adapter connected to the router and that will be the router's IP address.

Within the router's wireless settings there will be one for the Channel number.

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