Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage

  swanson2 15:33 28 May 2006

XP Home (SP2) & Internet Explorer 7


Ihave been using Internet Explorer 7.0 (Version 7.0 5346 51S) for a few weeks now and have not encountered any significant problems.

I do however have a slght niggle when down loading data from the Internet.

When I get to the window that asks if I want to save the download to disc or run it I also get a background white page which displays the message "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage"

Incidently I also get the same message when attempting to view my subscription details in Norton Internet Security 2004.

I have both SSL ans TLS enabled in my Security Settings.

Any comments on how to cure this annoyance would be much appreciated.

Thank you

  mikef. 15:36 28 May 2006

Remember IE7 is still in Beta, and certain websites do not link with it properly, I was fairly impressed with it until I had this problem with a couple of sites and reverted back to IE6 which then opened up the sites perfectly

  swanson2 13:54 29 May 2006

I have been unable to resolve my problems so have reluctantly reverted back to IE6.

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