internet explorer 9

  sat893 18:08 06 Mar 2012

i keep on getting error messages from ie9,it says ie has stopped working and then i have to press cancel.weird thing is my main search engine is bing, which i don't want, but was on my laptop when i bought it, so my other question is how do i change from bing to ie9 can anyone help?

  chub_tor 18:23 06 Mar 2012

Try uninstalling and reinstalling IE9 Click Here when installing you can choose which search engines to install. Bing is the default, just choose the one you want to use.

Or if you don't want the hassle of the uninstal then go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced and click on Re-set. You will lose all your customised settings such as home page etc.

  wee eddie 18:26 06 Mar 2012

I would suspect that there may be a different issue here.

What Anti Virus and Malware Software do you use? Name, Version and frequency of updating and running, if possible.

  birdface 18:28 06 Mar 2012

IE9 is a browser and not a search engine.If trying to change Bing in I/E try tools.Manage add ons.Search engines.And choose or search for what one you want.

  john bunyan 18:31 06 Mar 2012

In IE 9,Tools/ Manage add ons/Search Providers Disable Bing

  sat893 19:54 06 Mar 2012

hi, thanks for your replies. i uninstalled ie9, but when i go install it, i get a error message saying it cannot install it and gives me a list of possible problems, but none of them relate to my laptop, apart from turning off firewall. i have windows 7 64bit on my laptop. norton has my antivirus.

  chub_tor 09:31 07 Mar 2012

Is this the page you tried for possible problems?

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