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  User-3E8C6BD7-2951-4B54-B51EC75A91C1C55F 15:06 01 Apr 2003

i have had loads of problems on my puter the past couple of days seem to be fixing something everytime i turn it on, now i am about to throw it out of the window,today i cannot do searches everytime i type in a search i get Microsoft internet explorer cannot find "the word iv'e searched" make sure the path or internet address is correct,anyone any idea what is going on, it seems my puter has a mind of it's own of late yesterday it started to defrag itself twice it's not set to do this,changed my text size and couldn't find a file and i havent deleted anything seems i have major problems but what do i do to enable me to search i have no idea what to look at first

  €dstow 15:15 01 Apr 2003

This may be nothing to do with it at all but it's worth checking.

Do you have a virus checker installed?

Is it up to date?

Is it operating?

Even if it is, I would do an on line virus scan

You say it starts a defrag on its own. Have you defrgged recently? Perhaps it's trying to tell you something there.


  €dstow 15:16 01 Apr 2003

Sorry, you should have had a click here: click here


have Noton Antivirus it's fine ran an online scan yesterday just to check it against my own scan all was clear, i run defrag every couple of days it was last defraged on Sunday will do house call now just to see

  €dstow 15:27 01 Apr 2003

What is your operating system? Can you do a system restore or a re-install from a good backup?


windows 98SE how do i do system restore sorry not very good at this just getting to know with a little help from good people like yourself :-) Edstow i appriciate the help

  Megatyte 15:48 01 Apr 2003

In Internet Explorer go to Tools - Internet Options - Advanced. Check that 'Do not search from the address bar' is not selected.


just run house call nothing found

Megatyte it's not selected

  €dstow 15:58 01 Apr 2003

System restore is a feature of WMe and XP. There is a way of doing it on 98, I think, but I'm not familiar with it - I'm not really up on the insides of computers at all, I'm more on uses.

How long have you had the computer? Do you have a full copy of Windows 98? I ask this because, unless someone else comes up with better recommendations, I'm going to suggest a full re-installation of the operating system. Don't do this yet though - all may not be lost. If you can wait until the evening shift comes on and/or someone else takes up this thread now, they will probably be much more help than me.

The thing is not to panic and certainly don't despair. All may not be in vain and I'm pretty certain that you will get sorted out here.


  woodchip 16:17 01 Apr 2003

Run SFC from the start run box, you will need your win98 cd in the comp and look for corrupt files. Then if you can see Microsoft Internet Explorer in the Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel Double click and choose Repair

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