internet explorer 8 first impression

  ^wave^ 16:45 19 Mar 2009

Just down loaded it and installed took about 20 mins in total including reboot. as far as i was concerned so far no problems. after install it will ask some questions and you are ready to. more reports as time goes on

  ^wave^ 17:16 19 Mar 2009

been using it now for about 45 mins no problems. it does seem faster too

  awest3 18:27 19 Mar 2009

I also loaded it earlier...but it wipes out my settings in ..or is it me..? I restored and don't have the problem with IE7

  ^wave^ 19:54 19 Mar 2009

i have seen nothing yet did you try the site in compat mode

  legalrep 21:44 19 Mar 2009

downloaded it been using for about an hour (vista). Takes ages to open, seems slower to load pages frankly seems slower in all aspects! Well done microsoft yet another over hyped load of old tosh!

  ACOLYTE 23:39 19 Mar 2009

Fairly slow at loading pages at times,tabbed browsing isnt as quick and as smooth as IE7 not keen on the yellow highlight it adds to tabs either,images take longer to load and have a distinct blue tinge until fully loaded that might just be my settings but it didnt do it with IE7,but it does look smoother apart from that,i have only had it a few hours and have not tested all my add-ons like Flash/shockwave/jave yet so untill i do i cant say if its better or worse for those.

  ACOLYTE 23:41 19 Mar 2009

I will add a PS to this it seems that the tabs get a different color everytime you open one,not sure if thats good or bad,or how to turn it off,or if you can.

  ^wave^ 08:14 20 Mar 2009

yes seen the tabs colour it groups like windows in the same colour
i use xp and as i said earlier it seems quicker to me
i wonder just how many people have down loaded it

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