Internet Explorer 8

  alfredgerald 15:12 15 May 2009

Is it safe to down load IE8. Some say yes other no.

  birdface 15:21 15 May 2009

That just about sums it up.No problems here with it.

  rawprawn 17:37 15 May 2009

I cannot get IE 8 to run properly in Vista, however I am testing Windows 7 RC1, and it works perfectly.
buteman is right and "Some say yes other no".
The answer is to try it. It is safe to download and you can return to IE7 simply by uninstalling it.
Give it a go!!!

  mooly 17:42 15 May 2009

From Windows update it installed perfectly, tried before from an offering from Yahoo, and also the file from Microsoft and no way could I get it to install properly.

  squashman 00:48 16 May 2009

I downloade ok, and all works well except for wireless mouse. The 'close' button does not work online. ok offline and also when i uninstalled ie8. am currently in protracted discussions with microsoft, who are being very helpful but have not yet come up with a solution

  rdave13 00:55 16 May 2009

Using IE8 on XP and Vista. Tabs were a bit slow to open on Vista so uninstalled third party firewall and reinstated Vista's own and OK. Works well on XP and Vista now and prefer it over Firefox. Dumped Opera after using it for some time as not up to IE standard in my humble opinion.
If you do decide to install IE8 keep the toolbars to a minimum and the browser flies along.

  alfredgerald 14:42 17 May 2009

Thanks all. Think I will wait a little longer before installing.

  jake_ie8team 22:59 21 May 2009

Here are some resources for various problems you may be having with Internet Explorer 8...

If you are having difficulty installing IE8, check out this install guide: click here

If you are experiencing repeated IE8 crashes: click here

If you cannot view certain websites in IE8, try turning on its Compatibility Mode by clicking on the icon next to the address bar that looks like a ripped piece of paper. If that doesn't solve your problem, you can explore more solutions for this issue here: click here

Lastly, here is the phone number for support if you have questions or concerns that are not addressed by any of the above resources provided: 1-866-234-6020

- Jake

MSFT Internet Explorer Outreach Team

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