Internet Explorer 8

  Rodz 13:15 05 Apr 2009

Being prompted to download IE 8 (now running 7)
Is there any advantage?
It has one feature that sounds interesting, you can set it to remove cookies, web sites you have visited etc.
Is this doing the same job as Webroots Window Washer.

  iscanut 14:53 05 Apr 2009

Read up on all the recent threads re IE8 and then decide for yourself...

  sunnystaines 19:22 05 Apr 2009

mixed feedback from various readers. try it if do not like it delete it.

  Rodz 20:50 05 Apr 2009

Thanks guys, does the feature on 8 do the same job as webwasher?

  sunnystaines 08:47 06 Apr 2009

does this help click here

not used webwasher.

  sunnystaines 10:34 06 Apr 2009

why not use click here

thats what I use and many others here.

  Rodz 10:41 06 Apr 2009

Thanks guys,
I`m ok now.

  FatboySlim71 23:33 06 Apr 2009

I tried it, but the problems I found were that parts of IE Pro wouldn't work properly with it.

Certain sites took ages to load (You could get round this by using compatibility mode) but I found it a bit of a hassle and to be honest the new features such has web slice doesn't appear to work on Ebay like the demonstration showed it to on Microsoft's site.

Overall I found it a big fuss about something that is very similar to IE7. I might update to IE8 when the new features on IE8 are working on more web sites and also when other add ons are fully compatibly. My advice is to wait until the little bugs etc are ironed out. I got the impression that IE8 was still in Beta?

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