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  Bike-it 13:26 09 Sep 2006

I have been using explorer 7 for a few days now but i would like to change a few things, can the address bar be moved down the screen, if so how do i go about it, and the handy search bar comes with as standard i would like to change it to Google,i have tried the help section on the microsoft web site but i am none the wiser.

  SLAYER 13:44 09 Sep 2006

For changing to, go to the little arrow besides google in the toolbar, click on search and at the bottom of that screen you can change use google site.

As for moving I just guessing here as I'm still using IE6, right click in the toolbar area,click on the lock toolbars so theres no tick beside it,you will see little vertical lines appear at the beginning of the toolbar,run your mouse over it when it changes to a horizontal arrow hold down left mouse button and drag it to where you want.(I hope)

  Bike-it 14:47 09 Sep 2006

Hi Slayer at the bottom of the google page i cannot see anything that says change or use google site, i also tried moving the address bar but it dosent have the little vertical lines unlike the google toolbar.

  anskyber 16:23 09 Sep 2006

As far as I can see you cannot do it in IE7. You could make your home page but the options in Search are extensive but do not include

The address bar movement does not appear to be available in IE7

  Bike-it 12:49 10 Sep 2006

Thanks, another little niggle is when you open the favourites centre which appears along the left hand side of the screen and you hover the mouse over your favourites you have to click on the folders to let you know what is it the different folders, is there any way of changing this so when you hover over the different folders it shows you what is in them without clicking, just like it is in the all programms listing.

  anskyber 15:22 10 Sep 2006

Yes in a way. If you have the menu bar displayed which will bring up File, Edit etc. If you click on Favorites and hover over each Favs file the contents will be displayed.

  main identity 11:57 17 Sep 2006

using internet explorer 7 to make google your default search option click on little arrow top right hand corner then click on find more providers a window opens stating add search providers to internet explorer 7 click on google and add provider making it your default

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