Internet Explorer 7 - File, Edit to the top?

  Graham. 08:43 24 Oct 2006

Can I rearrange things so that File, Edit etc. are at the top? I keep hitting File when going for the Back button.

  anskyber 09:56 24 Oct 2006

I have tried and I cannot either, but do you need the menu bar?

I have found the commands are available in the command buttons on the same line as the tabs using the drop down facility. Eg. next to the page button reveals "save as" and the like. Similarly the drop down from the print button does the print functions. For me it has made the menu line redundant so I have taken it out.

  Simsy 10:02 24 Oct 2006

on the toolbar and make sure that "Lock the toolbars" is UNticked...

then you should be able to drag the toolbars using the smalll vertical dotted line that appears on the right of each toolbar.

When you've done it you can choose "Lock the toolbars"

Hope this helps,



  Graham. 10:45 24 Oct 2006

anskyber ... I've taken the Menu Bar out now, see how I get on.

Simsy ... You could do that with IE6, but now you can't drag anything above the top line.

I'm going to send Feedback about it.

  anskyber 10:56 24 Oct 2006

I found this work around which by implication suggests you cannot do it in IE7. click here

  amonra 11:07 24 Oct 2006


Thanks a lot for the last tip, worked a treat.

  flyboy 11:26 24 Oct 2006

Thanks anskyber

Great tip.

  jolorna 11:38 24 Oct 2006

thanks anskyber

  ventanas 11:46 24 Oct 2006

Very handy, thank you very much.

  Graham. 13:42 24 Oct 2006

Thanks indeed! Surprised Microsoft didn't give the option.

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