Internet Explorer 7

  chocolate cake 18:25 25 Nov 2006

I've got IE7 trying to update on my computer. I've been reading several threads that indicates that the update will affect my systems in one form or another.

Before I allow the upgrade I would like to have a fuller picture of what I may expect.

Please let me know if you have had compatability problems, install problems or any other wierd issues after install.


  VoG II 18:30 25 Nov 2006

click here

To prevent the update from installing click here

  anskyber 18:36 25 Nov 2006

Its easier to install and see what happens. The main issue has been out of date toolbars like Google or similar.

You can either disable the toolbars or uninstall them and get the latest compliant versions.

The key point is you can go to add remove programs and uninstall it if you do not like it and you will go back to IE6 automatically.

  basell 18:47 25 Nov 2006

I’ve had Internet explorer7 for 4 weeks and have not experienced any problems. I really like the new version

  chocolate cake 18:51 25 Nov 2006

Thanks for the link VoG. I'll have a read of that in a while.

Anskyber, I hear you but, while my system is running smoothly, I think that I'll keep it how I want to keep it and install the thing after a period without hearing of any issues. I will, I promise.

  chocolate cake 20:55 25 Nov 2006

After all that my wife prevails and I've now downloaded IE7. No problems except for the PSAPI.dll problem and have sorted this with a previous posting from Anskyber.

  anskyber 21:08 25 Nov 2006

Welcome to IE7!

  gill 21:14 25 Nov 2006

Hi Everyone, Sorry to invade this thread but I too have just installed IE7 and the only thing I find irritating is that that my Outkook Express icon for receiving and sending my emails is missing from the top of the tool bar.Is there a way to replace it? Many thanks. Gill

  anskyber 21:16 25 Nov 2006

Tools, toolbars and customise. Add read mail Icon.

  gill 21:24 25 Nov 2006

anskyber, Many Thanks, you are a star.It's easy when you know how. Gill

  Nan 10:19 28 Feb 2007

Thanks to anskyber have restored my read mail icon in IE7. But it does n't seem to give me the option of sending a web page link by email.
I always found this useful in my previous version of IE. Any suggestions gratefully received.
Thanks for all the helpful info.

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