Internet Explorer 7

  Gary Wood 22:20 28 Oct 2006

Having just downloaded Internet Explorer 7, I have two problems. Can anyone help?

1) Since I have Google Toolbar installed, I don't want the default search box next to the address bar. Can I customise the toolbars to turn it off?

2) I want the normal File/Edit/View etc menus. I've figured out how to turn these on, but how can I make them appear above the address bar, where they belong?!

My first impression is that Microsoft seem to be being very restrictive in the way they let this browser be customised. I hope I'm going to be proved wrong or, at the very least, someone publishes a tweak tool!

Thanks in advance if anyone can help,


  VoG II 22:36 28 Oct 2006
  PAC1 22:42 28 Oct 2006

I don't know about turning it off but if you use the drop down menu after it to add google as your default search provider. By selecting find more providers, click on google web search, then click on add provider. you can also make this your default search engine by ticking the make default tick box

You can use a registry tweak from the following site to put the file/edit/view menu's at the top

click here

Hope this helps

  Graham. 22:48 28 Oct 2006

I'm still at a loss (as opposed to at a still) as to why Microsoft didn't put File, Edit... at the top. They say they listened...

  rdave13 23:03 28 Oct 2006

Simply click tools, then click menu bar. It's simply at the top.

  Gary Wood 23:29 28 Oct 2006


Thanks for the link. The registry tweak has moved the menu bar to the correct place. However, it has also had the undesired effect of making the Google Toolbar appear above the address bar. Anyone know how I can move the address bar up?

Also, I'd still like to remove the Google search box next to the address field, if someone can advise how to do this.

The big question that remains, though, is why couldn't Microsoft have left this to work as it did in IE - by having a way to unlock the toolbars and therefore a way to move and customise them.


  VoG II 23:34 28 Oct 2006

Try turning off the Google toolbar. You don't actually need it since IE7 has its own Search.

  Gary Wood 00:09 29 Oct 2006


The reason I don't want to turn the toolbar off is that it provides some functions IE and its search tool don't.

For example, spell checking of web forms, the ability to search different Google services (images, scholar, etc), online bookmark storage, spell check for web-forms, and the ability to highlight and jump to search terms on web-pages.

I had a similar issue when I tried Firefox, but it's customisation ability is much better than the new IE apparently is, and it was simple to remove the search box from the default Firefox address bar.


  terryf 00:39 29 Oct 2006

Why don't you consider doing as I do and have both browsers in your Quick Launch and use either or both depending on what you are doing

  Gary Wood 01:37 29 Oct 2006

I do keep both browsers on my computer and select between them, but, having to IE7, I wanted to set it up the way I like it.

I've managed to find an answer to turning off the search box:

Start, Run, gpedit.msc

User Configuration
\Administrative Templates
\Windows Components
\Internet Explorer

"Prevent the Internet Explorer search box from displaying"

All I need to do now is get the menu bar to appear above the address bar, with other toolbars (e.g. Google) below the address bar.

  Miros 06:38 29 Oct 2006

Right click empty space in tool bar this will give a selection of options take your pick.

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