Internet Explorer 6.0 window size adjustment

  SarsSmars 03:59 13 May 2003

Hi there,

This proberbly is really simple ...but how do you adjust the size of Internet Explorer window so when you click on its icon in the task bar or Desktop it automatically comes up full screen?

When I click on mine, it always comes up about quarter screen size and I want it appear full screen, everytime, automatically, I'm sick of having to click on each individual window to make it full sceen!



  Pesala 05:56 13 May 2003

The IE windows comes up as it was when you last closed it. If it was full-screen when you last closed it, it comes up full screen. If it was a quarter sized pane in the bottom right of the screen when you closed it, that is how it will come it. Well, that's what happens on my Windows ME system anyway.

PS. I don't really think you're stupid. There may be some hidden settings that change this behaviour.

  SarsSmars 06:50 13 May 2003

alas it is not that easy.....

If I go onto a web page that has links to other web pages and I click on the link, when the new web page opens, it is always quarter screen and I have to click it to make it full screen, thats the problem I am trying to resolve!!! (should of added that info last time sorry!!)



  Mavisk 06:52 13 May 2003

If that didn't sort it try
Holding your curser over the top left of the window until it turns into an arrow,then drag it till
the window fills the whole screen.
then click on the ie logo above file in the top left corner.
Then choose close from the menu.
Open IE again and fingers crossed it should open full screen.

  Pesala 07:44 13 May 2003

You can open as many windows as you want within Opera, and tab between them from the page bar. Maximise any window with the F11 key. click here to see a screen shot of Opera. These page tabs are pale blue in my screen shot the current open window is the highlighted one "Home."

  VoG™ 08:17 13 May 2003
  SarsSmars 03:40 22 May 2003

thanks very much for that, I new it would be simple but I didn't think it would be that simple!!!



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