Internet explorer 6 V Opera

  concretepigsy 08:41 14 Feb 2004

My IE 6 browser takes an age to download pages but opera is virtually instantaneous.

I use telewest 1 meg service

is there anything i can do to speed up IE 6 ??



  Kitz E Kat 09:12 14 Feb 2004

I am not being smart, but why bother?
IE is so full of holes , and exploits are being created by the day , you should never use it...
Stick with Opera, i use Mozilla Firebird , and find it pretty quick and its a lot safer to use....

  Pesala 09:13 14 Feb 2004

Depending on the page, downloading should be pretty much instantaneous on 1 Mbyte broadband. The browser makes little or no difference to the download speed. However, it sounds like Opera is loading the page from a cache on your hard disk, while Internet Explorer is reloading the page from the net. I have yet to find a way to speed up Internet Explorer.

Post a link to the site that seems to be slow with IE so that others can test if there is a particular problem with that website.

  concretepigsy 09:29 14 Feb 2004

thanks for the input guys i will ty mozilla kitz

as i downloaded it opera downloaded at 80kbps and IE 6 at 50kbps.



  Kitz E Kat 12:35 14 Feb 2004

That is a bit of a difference...
Try Firebird and let's know what speed you get from that , i would be interested to know ...

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