Internet Explorer

  molby5 10:13 14 Feb 2007

hi there,

seem to be having some issues with my internet explorer. Most times I try to go to a website it comes up with the message cannot find server - if i try refreshing a few times eventually some pages come up (which i had to do to get on here!) but if i try to navigate from these it comes up saying cannot find server. my internet connection is working ok as my Messenger service is ok, and also the other users on my computer - well their Internet explorer is working fine,

anybody got any ideas?


  birdface 10:33 14 Feb 2007

Having problems this morning myself,Had a hard job getting on to this site,Turned the Phishing filter off,And got on here no bother,I have noticed this before,And I dont know if it is an AVG problem,I have noticed that when I have run AVG Anti-Virus, This is normally when I get the problems,After a couple of hours everything is back to normal.Maybe I should not be going into other sites when running A/Virus,

  birdface 10:35 14 Feb 2007

I should have said ,Turn your Phishing filter off, See if it makes any difference.

  uesquebeathus 17:37 14 Feb 2007

Both the products are there to protect you, and the problems you are having sound very much like an infection of some form or other which is being cleaned out by the antivirus, an unfortunate side effect is that it is mucking up your web settings.
if you go into the Control panel/uninstall software/Select "internet Explorer" then repair internet explorer that should resolve the damage

  birdface 21:26 14 Feb 2007

Hi. Idont think you can repair IE7,Tried to do it before and I am sure it deleted it.It did say on mine used occasionally Last used on 17/10/2006.even though its my main Browser and I use it every day.

  birdface 09:44 16 Feb 2007

Try,Tools, Internet options,Programs,Make sure Internet Explores is default web browser is pressed,

  molby5 11:42 16 Feb 2007

hi buteman,

i checked that and it is pressed so that IE is the default web browser....

  anskyber 11:50 16 Feb 2007

If it's really unstable go to tools, internet options, advanced and reset.

  molby5 22:06 24 Feb 2007

resetting them solved the problem for about 5 mins - i am back to some sites having to be refreshed and now in fields to put user names e.t.c there is a yellow background ?


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