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  cadena 10:03 07 Aug 2006

I went to down load the new IE on the Microsoft Windows web-site especially for Win;XP SP2, I had also downloaded Firefox; after doing so I could not sign on to my ISP which is AOL, so I had to use System Restore to gain it back, thus losing all the downloading programmes. Can anyone tell me why this happened?

  cadena 19:43 09 Aug 2006

can someone answer my appeal for help on the above message please...

  Jak_1 20:13 09 Aug 2006

I think it's because AOL (I have another term gor them) only want you to use their browser!

  rodriguez 20:21 09 Aug 2006

I hate AOL - they insist you use their own browser which is sluggish, badly laid out and slows your computer down. In a word, it's horrible. However there is a way you can use IE with an AOL connection, but I don't have AOL so I don't know what you need to do for it. If anyone on here has AOL and uses IE with it i'm sure they can tell you what you need to do.

  gudgulf 20:29 09 Aug 2006

I'm on AOL and actually use the AOL browser.....or rather my wife does.

I have used Firefox for over a year now...or IE for certain sites without problem.

I just start AOL,minimise the browser and open Firefox and away I go.

cadena,your problem is not to do with AOL.....I would check for spyware/adware on your system for starters.

Then redownload Firefox and IE 7 Beta.

What exactly happened when you tried to log on to AOL?

  cadena 21:03 09 Aug 2006

I have broadband and for sometime now have been having some bother on getting a connection, but I did download the above Firefox and IE 7 Beta but then after I could not even connect at all with had to revert it with system restore to get connected back on aol...

  cadena 21:32 09 Aug 2006

to be honest I have the icon on my desk top but dont know why I cant connect...and dont even know how thats happened.

  skidzy 21:45 09 Aug 2006

Cadena.. i dont know much about AOL browser but it sounds like you may have to configure your internet connection.
In Firefox try this... Tools/Options/General/Connection settings/in the radio button (Direct Connection to the Internet)..tick this and ok.Close the browser window and reopen.
Like i say,im not familiar with AOL but this may help.
Good luck

  cadena 22:32 09 Aug 2006

mmmm just notice this which I have copied and pasted...could I have downloaded the wrong one as it saying US only, could that be the problem?

sorry it would not paste; it says it Brackets (US ONLY)...when I downloaded the IE.

  cadena 22:33 09 Aug 2006

have also done what you suggested and that icon came up...sorry should have added this message to the above;

  skidzy 22:39 09 Aug 2006

click here
IE7 Beta 3 Download... if you are not familiar with beta programs Cadena,i would stay away untill they are ready for general commercial use.Beta programs will have a few bugs and problems.Hence why they are released for public trial.

(have also done what you suggested and that icon came up...sorry should have added this message to the above;)..... sorry,can you explain please.

Do you mean Firefox will not open ?

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