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  Dazed&Confused 12:44 25 Sep 2004

When I double click on the IE logo on my desktop it won't bring up my browser. The only way I can get a browser page displayed is to access it through Windows Explorer and click in IE there? How do I fix it and how could this happen when it was working ok before? Many thanks.

  Dazed&Confused 13:23 25 Sep 2004

Extra Info: If this helps - I had a new hard drive fitted and windows re-installed on thursday, IE worked ok until last night.

  VoG II 13:26 25 Sep 2004

Try a repair click here

  Dazed&Confused 16:09 25 Sep 2004

Thanks. I've just tried the repair but it hasn't worked? Do you have any other suggestions?

  hugh-265156 16:16 25 Sep 2004

have you tried system restore?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:16 25 Sep 2004

Is the IE logo the original or a shortcut? If the latter, try a new shortcut.

  Dazed&Confused 16:18 25 Sep 2004

I have both the original IE logo as I have reinstalled it and a shortcut plus the one on the quick launch bar - none work.

How do I do system restore?

  Dazed&Confused 16:40 25 Sep 2004

This is weird - I've just clicked on both the quick launch ie and the desktop ie icons and browser windows have opened for each when they wouldn't previously. This has happened earlier but when I reboot they don't work and I have to come back in through windows explorer. It's driving me mad - would reinstalling windows or reformatting the hard drive help?

Also I've had a look around the site to find out about system restore - I'm running Win 98 SE and it seems that doesn't have the system restore facility.

  hugh-265156 16:55 25 Sep 2004

no sorry windows 98 doesnt have system restore. i was guessing you had xp as you did not say.

as to why your shortcuts work sometimes and then dont i have no idea sorry, when was the last time they worked ok without problems and what software have you installed or uninstalled since then if any?

is win98 all up to date? click here

also try clicking 'start/run' then type 'sfc' and click ok and insert your windows cdrom when/if prompted to do so. long shot but this will check your system for damaged or missing system files and may help, you never know. wont do any harm.

  Dazed&Confused 17:05 25 Sep 2004

They worked ok early evening last night but after the computer was shutdown for a while then booted up later they didn't work.

As far as I know nothing has been installed since they last worked. It's a complete mystery, I've never encountered this before and have tried everything I know plus the suggestions made on here.

Win98 is all up to date so I'll try what you've suggested.

  Dazed&Confused 17:22 25 Sep 2004

I tried the system file checker and have restored "setupx.dll" but still no joy with opening browser windows.

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