internet explorer

  joe95 13:34 06 Jul 2004

just been reading about this in the paper that people should change to another browser is this a scare or what? if we have to change whhat are the alternatives and how does one go about it?

  Graham ® 13:58 06 Jul 2004

First questions. Are you on Broadband? Running XP?

  joe95 14:00 06 Jul 2004

on dial-up running XP

  expertec 14:03 06 Jul 2004

I'd recommend Firefox.

Download it from click here

Installing it is very easy, it should import everything from your IE.

Very easy to use as well, not difficult to find your way round it at all. :-)

  Belatucadrus 14:05 06 Jul 2004

Not exactly, most of the latest worms viruses exploit security holes in Internet Explorer. They are designed to exploit these failings largely because it's the commonest browser so provides the biggest target group of users. So changing browser and using something else takes you out of the target group being attacked. Mozilla Firefox is my current favourite click here just download it and install.
This isn't a good reason to neglect anti virus updates. Always keep your AV bang up to date.

  Graham ® 14:09 06 Jul 2004

Unmetered Dial-up? The problem you have read about has been fixed. Go to Microsoft click here to update the software. you should really download all it finds for you, but that will take a long time. Your call.

You should also install AVG, Adaware, Spybot s&d, Spywareblaster, Sygate Firewall... All free to download.

  joe95 16:12 06 Jul 2004

disaster. only update was for Media player got that now Media player out of action. restored no good,had this problem in June someone suggested getting some patch from as Media player maybe faultyand it worked unfortunately can't remember what it was been to the site but nothing looks familiar.

  SEASHANTY 16:30 06 Jul 2004

This warning has been on the HOMEpage of this PCA website for several days now. Its the last item on
LATEST NEWS and is titled "Microsoft warns of web
attacks". The article is still there.

  canard 17:34 06 Jul 2004

There was an article today in The Register which said that the MS workaround for Ject is only a partial fix.

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