internet drops after 15 minutes with fire fox/IE

  boosty 23:47 15 Nov 2009

hi there i have been having this problem for awhile now. i use firefox or IE and after 15 minutes (ish) both stop working and hang, though strangely i can get onto msn, steam, etc but no browsing and i have to restart my computer....but the computer wont shut down. i click restart=nothing, i click shut down= nothing for a full twenty minutes before i give up and have to press the reset button (which isnt good). i did a full system reinstall from format and it worked fine for awhile but now its back. it must be a peice of software conflicting but what? here are some details of my system and software

spybot search and destroy
riva tuner
and a bunch of other stuff but these are the ones that might have at least a small chance to contribute to the problem
bit torrent (i can hear you wincing)

virgin 50meg BB ( bb modem via Lan cable direct to pc)
Athlon 64 x2 3.3ghz
asus m2n deluxe sli
1000w tru power PSU

i have tried updateing everthing, including bb modem firmware but there is no newer version.
kind of getting to the end of my tether on this one. was close to punching my computer off the desk. so i hope someone can help save my computer from a three story plunge to the road below :)
if i have forgot any details you need to know ill post them asap. please no stupid answers like (did you turn you pc on at the wall/ have you tried a restart/ updated drivers. etc) hehe :)

thank you very much in advance

  birdface 08:44 16 Nov 2009

Update and run the free version of Malwarebytes .

click here

  birdface 08:50 16 Nov 2009

If connected by cable have you tried switching the modem of for 10 seconds and leave for 2 minutes before you use it again.
Or try right clicking on local area connection and pressing repair to see if it shows any problems.

On 50mb if it was an upgrade did they also upgrade the modem.

  boosty 13:40 16 Nov 2009

thx for replys ran malwarebyte it came out clean.tried switching off modem as described above and local area connection repair and it says there is no problem. it wasnt an upgrade i went from bt line to cable installed by virgin engineer and when it works i get the full 50mb.

  birdface 13:56 16 Nov 2009

Not at all sure.Could it be a Firewall problem as it stops while using I/E or Firefox.
Normally just switching the firewall off does not help you have to update Zone Alarm or remove and install again.
But why it should work for 15 minutes and then stop working i am not sure.

MTU problem maybe although I have run it not sure that I used it correctly.
click here
Maybe better waiting until you get some proper advice.

Could it be a faulty modem,If you also have the phone package you can call them on 150 without any costs.
It is usually better to phone when you do not have connection to I/E or Firefox.

  boosty 14:54 20 Nov 2009

i have tried that mtu program had virgin check my line and modem they say there is no problem tried turning off zone alarm when it happens to no avail. this is getting pretty frustrating. any other suggestions would be a great help. thx

  steviekm 15:13 20 Nov 2009

hi boosty,
had allmost identical situation to you about 5 weeks ago, there were plenty of similar posts at that time.
to recap, i was having exactlly the same freezing problems as you, and i was running zone alarm internet security suite(the very latest updated version) tried everything to get rid of problem without success until i took off zone alarm-i replaced it with kaspersky internet security 2010.
this has completely solved all the problems-it appears that there is some sort of conflict with zone alarm being the common factor for a lot of users. shame, i'd used their security suite for many years up until this rearing its head. i haven't had so much as a hint of freezing on either ie8 or firefox 3.5.5 since!!
hope this points you in the correct direction...

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