Internet drop-out

  Mananin 15:33 29 Jul 2009

My System is an HP laptop running Vista Home Premium with internet operated wirelessly by a BT router, the white coloured one with rounded corners and 4 indicator lights.

From time to time, by that I mean unpredictably, the wireless connection “drops out” and when I look at the router I see that the second from left indicator (normally steady green) is rapidly flashing red.
I have been on to BT Help and they even had an engineer out to investigate but he went off to find “…interruption on the line…”

My BT landline system is an outlet in the Hall. This is extended to a room upstairs where a wired telephone is connected via a BT supplied splitter (or adapter) to which the router was originally connected.

In an attempt at “try anything” I moved the router and its connection down to the Hall but the problem still persists.

The telephone in the Hall is the base unit of a pair of cordless BT Studio 3100 phones and quite by chance I found that by using the phone and ringing 0800 (no following numbers) the red flashing light would change to steady green and internet connection could be made.

Has anyone any thoughts on this problem?

  rawprawn 17:11 29 Jul 2009

Try replacing the filtres one by one (I am assuming that you have filtres on all your telephone connections.
I also assume that the engineer set the router back to Factory Defaults at some stage, if not try that.

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