internet download speeds..anyone explain?

  White_Elephant 20:01 18 Sep 2006

Noobish question, but this has always bugged me and I just don't know the answer.
I have a 2 mb line but download data typically at around 230-240 kbps maximum.
Why isn't it downloading at 2 megs per second? Why call the speed 2 meg adsl when you only get a fraction of that download speed?
Surely overheads don't account for 75% data loss?

  rodriguez 20:06 18 Sep 2006

The 2 meg means 2 MegaBit, not MegaByte. There are 8 bits in a byte so if you divide 2048 KBit (which is the same as 2 MegaBit) by 8 you'll get your rough file download speed.

  woodchip 20:12 18 Sep 2006

Now you got it. But am no good at maths ether.

  rodriguez 20:16 18 Sep 2006

If you have a 2 meg connection and divide that by 8 it comes to 256 KB/s, so this is about the download speed you get give or take the overheads such as the line quality and connection between you and the server you're downloading from.

  Jak_1 20:31 18 Sep 2006

Also during peak periods everything slows down due to the number of peeps online add into the contention ratio and all. Download/upload speed is not an exact science.

As the isp's always quote 'up to 2meg speed etc'

  zincy 20:36 18 Sep 2006

and theres always that old saying that isp loves.... is its UPTO 2meg doesnt mean you will get it all the time... and in my case not get it at all.....sighs

  Jak_1 20:37 18 Sep 2006

Are you with Tiscali perchance :-)

  White_Elephant 21:11 18 Sep 2006

Cheers rodriguez

The old bits n bytes thing. Case solved :-)

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