internet download speed slow :(

  davmus 21:53 17 Aug 2008

Hi, just confused as to why my internet download and connection speed is really slow.

I am with b.t. broadband using a netgear router with a 100mbs netgear router, the download speed according to the router onto the pc is 7.5mbs which seems fine.

The actual loading of pages takes an eternity, the downloading of anything from the internet brings an average of 10kbs.

Could someone please let me know if there is anything I can do to find out what is causing the anomally.

I have system mechanic which has otpimised the system and no clutter or reg. problems.

I am using kaspesrky internet security suite, firewall and anti-virus, windows firewall is turned off. Any suggestions or assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

The hard drive has been replaced two days ago, working perfectly, everything else runs like lightning, 1.5gb ram, xp pro.

Cheers, David

  howard64 08:52 18 Aug 2008

with a new hdd it could be that the settings for your netgear have become altered. The setting for MBTU could have altered - worth a check.

  davmus 16:24 18 Aug 2008

Hi Howard and thanks for your response, have checked the settings and they are all fine thank you. I should have said in the post, it was the same problem with the bt voyager 220 router before I changed to netgear.

Just wondering if there is possibly a problem with the ethernet connection, it is a new cable and the connection speed reads 100mbs for ethernet on voyager, and 54mbs for the router which are both correct, all seems fine except the internet, the computer itself runs like a dream.

The pages which do load and run as normal are the poker ones, PKR and Poker Heaven, any normal browsing or downloads, even from microsoft updates are like slugs.


  RobCharles1981 16:30 18 Aug 2008



BT are known to be "Broadband Throttling" I think you might be throttled lets see if I can be off assistance.

Do a BT Speedtest to find out your IP Profile:
click here

What Netgear router do you have??? I need to see your line stats.

  oldbeefer2 20:14 18 Aug 2008

Bear in mind that an awful lot depends on the condition of your line and distance from the exchange. You need to take a series of readings using the speedtest suggested by Rob - at different times of the day. These are stored by your ISP and can be used to prove a problem. If they are consistently slow, then there may be a problem with your line. It may be difficult to convince BT's call centre of this, but you need to persist!

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