Internet down issue & mail prob!!

  gazmix 20:40 17 May 2008

My Orange BB conection has been slow of late, but recently, 2 times, it has failed for around 30 min intervals, for no apparent reason & then all of a sudden just come back to life!

Each time, when i hover mouse over the 2 tv's in taskbar, it says :-
Local Area Connection
Speed 100 mbps
Status Connected
Just can't get online or send/recieve mail!

What could cause this?

Also, recently, when i go online, download mail to mailwasher, it says:-
No such name check name is correct etc! which it is, after a fiew attempts it works.
Sometimes i get 'socket error # 10051'

Any help appreciated


  Jak_1 21:00 17 May 2008

The has been a problem this evening. I am with Orange; I was able to get email and use my vpn's however there seemed to be a problem with the dns server as I could get nothing using IE or Firefox. All seems well now though.
I have not had a problem with speed, conected at 100 Mbps and getting about 3.2 MBs dowload speed, not bad as I am at he far end of the line from the exchange.

  gazmix 21:29 17 May 2008

yeh, one minute all ok then dead for 45 mins.
Seems ok now, rang orange & they said all was ok with my line etc & no probs at their end!

Is it me, or are orange terrible when it comes to customer service & each time you speak to them, you get some different answer & they don't seem to keep a record of what you've been talking about.
My phoneline isn't mine & is barred from calling premium rate numbers & they are just so unhelpfull when i call them about tech help!. They talk like robots..

  gazmix 23:56 17 May 2008

This has happened again since & was wondering if anyone has experienced it happening tonight on more that one occasion.
Was wondering if it may be my pc, dodgy connection etc, even though i aint touched anything since it started happening. I am online now obviously, but in half an hour, who knows!!

  birdface 10:11 18 May 2008

Right click local area connection and press repair.See if it shows any faults.

  gazmix 12:27 18 May 2008

I seem to be getting:-
No such host, ensure that the server at pop 3 is correct.

This happened many times yesterday & my browser couldn't find any webpages.
This has happened a fiew times today. I assume it isn't my settings, or it wouldn't correct itself.

The pop thing happens, maybe twice, then works!

I right clicked on Local Area Connection & it seemed to check a fiew things & then said Windows finished repairing your connection!! What is this?

  birdface 16:32 18 May 2008

Well if it had found anything wrong with the connection it would have told you.So looks like the connection is Ok.Try Control Panel.Administrative Tools.Services.Scroll down to DNS Client and set it to Automatic.Could it be a Firewall problem.What firewall do you have.Maybe turn it off and see if it works ok without it.Or try Tools.Internet Options.Connections.Is never dial a connection dotted.Or try Lan Setting.Dot automatically detect settings.Ok.Or maybe MTU settings need changing.But you would need to find the correct setting for Orange before you here

  gazmix 17:40 18 May 2008

I tried all you said, & all what you say should be checked, is!
My Firewall is Ashampoo Firewall.
As i say, i haven't altered or changed any settings to anything.
The pop3 issue & not being able to get online has been happening since yesterday evening, but i've been getting the Socket Error # 10051 along with the pop3 3 for some time.
It coincided with me altering my package from homestarter to Retentive broadband plus because of a bt line issue!

Sometimes i can't access certain pages from my address bar, but i can google them & access them that way!!

  gazmix 19:08 18 May 2008

This is very strange, i can get google, it can search for things, but when i click on a link in google, i can't access it!!, i get the 'problem loading page' page!!
None of the sites in my dropdown address bar are accessable, apart from this one which is very slow & google works ok!!
Is this a server issue or my pc??

  Severn Bore 19:13 18 May 2008

I have had problems on about three occasions to my knowledge today. Each "out" has lasted from about 5 to 30 minutes. Very frustrating as you do not know whether it is a problem at Orange or at the PC end. Hope they get it sorted!

  Jak_1 19:26 18 May 2008

I think the problem is with Orange and not your comuters. Pages are slow to load and some wont open at all. I can't even link to my vpn!
There is nothing on the Orange home page under services to say there is a problem but it does look like they are having server probs and they may be running on half power.

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