Internet disconnects on switching user accounts

  Rubia 11:26 15 Jun 2005

On XPhome we have 3 user accounts but when switching between them we lose the internet connection and have to connect each time. Is there a way to maintain the connection when switching?

  Jackcoms 14:47 15 Jun 2005

Yep, this is what you want. We have 4 users and it works for us:

Click on Start/Run and type Regedit.

In the Registry Editor navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon.

Then right-click in the right-hand pane, select New/String Value. Name the value KeepRasConnections and set it to 1.

  Rubia 14:53 15 Jun 2005

Many thanks - will give it a try.

  Rubia 15:04 15 Jun 2005

Got as far as typing the new KeepRasConnections in Registry Editor but how do you set it to 1. ?
Can't seem to see this. Thanks

  Jackcoms 15:30 15 Jun 2005

Create and name the new string. Don't worry about the value at this stage.

Having created the string, right click on KeepRasConnections and click on Modify.

Under 'Value Data' insert 1 and click OK.

  Rubia 15:55 15 Jun 2005

It works. You are a marvel!!
Whilst I have your complete and undivided attention you may have the answer to another question:-

When we receive e-mails they all go to whichever user account is switched on first. I read somewhere that a summary e-mail page can be created when clicking on Outlook Express with all users names on it and each new e-mail is allocated to the individual account with the number of new ones in brackets for each person.
Any ideas on this one ??
Many thanks.

  Jackcoms 16:16 15 Jun 2005

Not quite sure about your suggestion

The way we use Outlook Express is that it is only set up in one User Account (which happens to be mine).

The beauty (if that's the right word) is that we can only download e-mails in one place rather than messages being spread across 4 different User Accounts.

In OE we then use Tools/Message Rules to sort our e-mails into 4 different in boxes.

We only have one e-mail account with our ISP (Tiscali) but our address can be prefixed with any name (or names) we choose.

So, for example, we have [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected], etc.

So, in OE I have created separate in boxes for each of us called John, Mary, Fred, etc.

Using Message Rules, you then set up rules which say - if the incoming e-mail is prefixed with john, put it in the John in box. If it's prefixed with mary put it in the Mary in box.

Hope this makes sense and helps??

  Jackcoms 16:16 15 Jun 2005

I should have mentioned that all the names and e-mail addresses in my last post are totally fictitious. ;-)

  Rubia 19:06 15 Jun 2005

Thanks - will give that a try.

  deudonne 21:58 23 Dec 2005

hi there - will this registry tweak enable me to allow the 'limited user account' to connect to the wireless home network, because at the moment it cant

xp pro, belkin wireless pci card

  Rubia 19:04 24 Dec 2005

Sorry don't know the answer to that but post it as a seperate question on the forum and someone will answer.

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