internet disconnects after 10-15 mins

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:32 12 Dec 2004

i have spoken to BT they said they could find no problem, but would turn my Gain up, they said it may be a problem with my comp but ive just swapped from tiscali[lastweek] & b4 that i was with wanadoo and it didnt happen then.

ive tried checking the comp & telephn lines etc but can find nothing!!!!!!!!!??????

any ideas ?? its driving me mad.....

thanx in advance


  spuds 13:45 12 Dec 2004

What service are you using,Dial-Up,ADSL or Broadband.If it is broadband, then setting the gain will not solve the problem.What is the modem, that you are using!.

You say that you have swapped from Tiscali and previously Wanadoo, so who are you using now-Tiscali!.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:49 12 Dec 2004

im with BT on 56k dial up

winxp pro

modem= internal
intel 536ep

  Stuartli 14:05 12 Dec 2004

Check the Dial-Up Connection's Advanced box settings - you may have it set to disconnect if idle after (xx) minutes or if there is no activity for a certain period.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:28 12 Dec 2004

no, i thought that was the problem at first, but BT intrnet dont have that capability added.
ie it stays connected for 4 hours then disconnects, you cannot change this setting anywhere, ive looked an looked

  Djohn 16:37 12 Dec 2004

I'm using broadband so I'm not sure on this but my dial up modem is still in the PC. I've had a look under device manager/modem/properties and there is a tab for power management.

There is a box that you can tick to "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power". have a look at yours and if the tick is there, remove it.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:38 12 Dec 2004

thanx mate
had a look but no such luck, its wierd!!!!!!

  Graham ® 20:08 12 Dec 2004

Any clues in Event Viewer?

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