Internet dialling

  Sunil 16:32 21 Mar 2003


I installed Freeserve on my laptop but whenever it dials it says number is not recognised I can hear that my modem is dialling but then it comes up with this message NUMBER IS NOT RECOGNISED what is wrong or what setting I need to do . I installed freeserve with the CD AND Tried BT TOO.


  PA28 16:36 21 Mar 2003

Have you got an old disk? - Freeserve have been shifting their numbers around. A visit to PCW, Dixons or Currys might give you the answer. Alternatively visit the Freeserve site and email them for current numbers - obviously you're able to connect somehow to make this posting......

  beeuuem 16:37 21 Mar 2003

Check that you have the correct number here:

click here

  Sunil 16:42 21 Mar 2003

I picked up the cd today from Dixon and when the message displayed on dialup bos the number is not recognised my telephone is engaged that time.

  PA28 18:50 24 Mar 2003

Sorry but I don't understand your last posting....

  graham 19:54 24 Mar 2003

BT TOO is not working for me, either.

  PA28 20:37 24 Mar 2003

Just as a thought - are you trying to dial up your freeserve account on a different number to that which you registered? I note that you are using a laptop, hence the question. I guess that Freeserve would protect against this otherwise there could be a number of users using, for example, Anytime, and paying only one subscription.....

  graham 20:47 24 Mar 2003

As sunil has not responded since Friday, it could be it is not important to him/her, so why bother?

As to your point about using a different number, no, it does not matter, the ISP has no way of knowing what number you are on. You can plug your Laptop into any phone line.

  Sunil 08:54 25 Mar 2003

Sorry I didn't respond because I didn't get any further respond from is important The problem is when my laptop dial the number it comes up in dialup box This number is not recognised and that time my home telephone line is engaged so its mean it gets connected but i get that message that number is not recognised I use the same number on this computer and I am not on anytime terrif its pay as go.I use Window Xp PRO on both computers.I hope this helps.

thanks in advance

  graham 10:07 25 Mar 2003

First, make sure the laptop is not inserting another digit (eg 9) in front of the number. When you say you get a message 'number not recognised' is this coming from the line, that is, spoken, or is it a message on the screen?

  Sunil 09:10 26 Mar 2003

The message comes on screen. and no 9

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