Internet Diallers be aware

  u2 15:51 09 Aug 2004

Hi just been in touch with Bt and they tell me I owe £38 in calls,just got re connected last week havent made any calls on phone.These internet diallers have tapped into puter.Im refusing to pay BT £38 for calls I havent made anyone know my legal position on this?

Been in touch with Onetel my isp they recommend Netnanny?Whats the best way to deal with these diallers,BT seem to be shirking their responcibilits passing the buck im acutaly afraid of goin on line now due to the aggro and cost if you get my point.anyone know what the government (joke )is doing about this.

  ventanas 16:01 09 Aug 2004

I'm afraid that if the calls are a result of a dialer installed on your system, then you will have to pay. There are many programs that can help stop you getting these and remove them if you do. such as click here click here and click here also click here

You can also have BT block all outgoing 090 calls.

If you search this forum there are many threads on this subject. But the responsibilty of preventing them is yours, not BT's.

  ventanas 16:04 09 Aug 2004

There was a recent thread about a scam involving people tapping into phone lines and making calls this way, but I can't find it now. If this is the reason for the charges on your bill BT are being sympathetic, but they won't be in the case of a dialer.

  ventanas 16:14 09 Aug 2004

Another one, probably the best click here

Heres one thread click here and another click here

  Chegs ® 16:22 09 Aug 2004

I found the best ways to deal with these pests was...

1)Get ADSL

2)Remove completely any other modem

3)Use the progs offered above to sweep out the system

BT will insist you pay these charges,the phone isn't meant for "electronic communications" so BT usually pass any problems back to your ISP.

  Carafaraday 16:22 09 Aug 2004

I have set up the pc so it doesn't dial up automatically - I have to put in a password each time, and can see the number that will be dialled. Makes everything a bit slower, but might be worth the hassle ....

  €dstowe 16:27 09 Aug 2004

Be careful using the first click here from ventanas.

There is hacking going on with the site and you may be persuaded to download an update. This update is not real and what it does download is a thing that cocks up your computer - bigtime.

  ventanas 16:32 09 Aug 2004

Very good advice, but some unfortunates like me are living where BB is still not available. I'm told its coming in a few months and will of course change immediately. I've got a 2mb connection here at work and boy, do I notice the difference.

Carafaraday. Seeing the number isn't really good enough. The premium number will probably be hidden. I still check it though, every time. Anyway I have now blocked all outgoing 090 numbers with BT, and checked that it works. Have both anti-dialers I mention above, also all the other programs, but still cannot be 100% certain. Can't wait for broadband.

One obvious program I missed click here

  ventanas 16:56 09 Aug 2004

and others. Sorry I was aware of the problem with dialer-control, but it had slipped my mind.

Must get a better memory. It is OK as long as you don't take any notice of the update reminders. Just turn of the option.

  mammak 17:07 09 Aug 2004

u2 Hi yes as unfair as it sound's it's not down to BT if you get a dialer on your system,
I am now lucky enough to have ADSL, Only last week spybot picked up a possible dialer on my system, I am glad that i unplugged the dialup modem.

  Stuartli 17:53 09 Aug 2004

You normally see the ISP's number that's being dialled whether you use the "Remember my Password" mode or not.

It's a convenience factor and doesn't alter the basic dialling routine.

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