Internet d/c far too much..

  knives 15:27 12 Dec 2005

My broadband internet disconnects a lot, it has done this for almost 2 years now and I used to just put up with it because no-one could solve the problem, I’ve seen countless people post the same problem all over the internet and up until now, I haven’t seen a solution so I'll post here and see if anyone can!

I can't remember when it started disconnecting, but it could have been when I first got broadband, I know it never did back in the 56k days, although it used to have a 2 hour time cut off, it never randomly disconnected. I’ve upgraded internet, motherboard, graphics card, ram, power supply and ALOT of other bits n bobs in my computer over time and it still disconnects, I do know what it CAN'T be, and possibly what it can:

Firewall or Virus: I have changed firewalls and scanned for viruses many times with many programs, I’ve even connected without a firewall and it still disconnects.

Internet Service Provider(ISP): It cannot be my ISP, because I recently changed from AOL to PIPEX, and it still didn't solve my problem, this is what annoys me the most though, after everything I’ve tried, I even try different ISP's and god still hates me! xD!

Spyware, Malicious software: I have reformatted maybe 5 - 12 times since the disconnections and I can safely say I have tried every possible "Spyware aware crap cleaner" on the planet, It won't be anything like this, and if it was I'd die of shame. :f

Modem, connection leads, phone Filters: I have replaced these many times and I can pretty much guarantee that it won't be any of these things listed, I've even fitted a new phone line in my bedroom just in case it has something to do with that, some could say it is a problem with my actual line, I'll admit I haven’t tried to contact BT about this, but that is because I doubt it is the problem, a lot of people have the same internet connection in my street and even my next door neighbours, I just don't think this will the cause.

Updates, Drivers: I've gotten every possible driver and update for every piece of hardware I currently have inside, and out, of my computer, and lets be honest, it will not be something as easy as this! It has to be some sort of official FBI bug/glitch ;)

Auto-Disconnects, limited power?: It won't be anything to do with a timer or anything like that, I doubt it will anyway, I've took all advice on previous posts seriously and have changed it so there is no way it can auto-disconnect, yet it still disconnects. Also I have been in device manager and have un-ticked "Allow this device to be turned off to save power" on all USB/modem/network devices.

What I know and what I think it is (but have no clue how to solve, or know what the hell it means!?): I know that it disconnects I'd say 30 minutes into an active connection, It's as if my modem has been physically unplugged as the status goes yellow and then after about 7 - 15 seconds will go green, the light on my modem flickers, again as if it has been unplugged (I have it on auto reconnect if line is dropped, yes I put up with it, but only because of this!) Then it will reconnect, and as if nothing had happened continue; now this would be ok if I didn't play games or download files, if I’m downloading and my internet suddenly goes off, you can see how frustrating it can be. Also if I’m in a queue in a game, say world of warcraft :), and I've waited say 30 minutes and come back to find "Disconnected from Server" I know the cause and just cry, well not really but I should be!

  knives 15:27 12 Dec 2005

I think I could have found the problem, again I might be wrong but this is the only thing that I know has happened and can prove!

I use a USB mouse and keyboard, yes I have a PS2 slot or whatever it is adapter on the end of them now but, I used to play a game called "Call of Duty" and when I plugged in my new mx510 mouse to the USB slot every 1 - 3 minutes my mouse would freeze, in the same spot for about 3 seconds and it would continue to do this all the time. Since obviously I couldn't play like that and on top of my internet disconnecting, my mouse would freeze. So I unplugged my mouse from the USB slot and put it into the PS2 slot and Voila! My mouse didn't freeze anymore :D But on a side note my keyboard works fine in the USB slot, yes I have tried different USB slots, all 4 in fact :)

So maybe it has something to do with my USB slots, since the modems I have tried were all USB modems, can I actually purchase modems that are not USB? What should I do from here? ANY advice on this would be MASSIVELY appreciated, thanks a lot guys for reading this, it has caused a lot of stress etc and I just finally want it to be sorted, I'd <3 anyone who could fix this! <3 you forever!


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