Internet CTRL+enter option?

  davehyde 23:42 05 Apr 2003

I posted (in the wrong place before so setting that straight now!)

You know when you type a keyword into the addrss bar and then press CTRL + ENTER, it automatically adds www. at the start and .com at the end. Is there a way to change this so it adds "" instead of ".com"? Or is there another key combination?

*** Gaz W replied...

Maybe you would have been better off putting this in the Helproom instead of ConsumerWatch. I don't know whether it's possible to change it - you might find something in the Registry but I wouldn't recommend messing about in there.

I assume you are using Internet Explorer. Which version or IE and Windows?

*** My reply to this was..

WHOOPS! As far as I was aware I DID put it in the helproom. I wasn't even aware of the ConsumerWatch tab. Must've been a mis-click. I wondered why it didn't appear....

Yup, using Internet Explorer and version 6.026 at that. Also on XP...

  howard60 07:21 06 Apr 2003

but try adding an icon into the quick launch bar at the bottom right. then using properties enter something like www. and then all you will have to do is add the url in the middle.

  BlueMeanie 20:22 08 Apr 2003

I've tried the registry and so has the technican at work, but to no avail....

Perhaps ask Bill Gates to help LOL...

I hope someone can come up with a neat solution.


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